World First Hybrid Wind Power Storage Using Batteries

A new ground-breaking project run by the Spanish wind energy giant Acciona and financed by the European Regional Development Fund is set to combine a grid-connected wind farm with battery storage system in an effort to raise the incorporation of renewables into electricity networks by increasing their versatility. The lithium-ion batteries will be monitored by Acciona’s own energy management software and will store power generated by the wind turbine they are connected to.

The application of electric power storage systems using batteries connected to wind farms and solar plants is a field with great growth potential due to the major development of renewable energies worldwide, lower battery technology prices and improved efficiency,” Acciona said.

The experiment will check the plant’s capacity to ensure auxiliary services to the grid needed in order to match the supply with the demand, thereby increasing efficiency. This type of a hybrid solution will not only suit domestic applications and weak grids, but also large utility-scale applications without compromising the quality.

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