Energy Storage Technologies Are Rewriting the Industry Rules

New York is one of the states that is trying to adapt to the changes that technologies bring to the energy industry. Funding innovative energy storage projects helps shape the industry in the desired direction and change the market conditions.

There is a growing trend in the power sector to move in the direction where customers can generate electricity as well and sell the excess energy back to the utilities. Some of the market players participating in the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative view energy storage as important component to adopting renewable energy and an essential factor to stabilize the flow of electricity and respond to fluctuations to meet the demands.

Arizona, California and Nevada are some of the states that try to incorporate energy storage to extend the capabilities of renewable energies like wind and solar.

The majority of the projects that combine solar power with storage are in response to California regulations intended to solve the problem that occurs in the evening when solar power output drops off and necessity emerges for immediate power sources.

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