Energy Storage Transforms C&I Market

Energy storage experiences a growth thanks to lithium-ion batteries price falls of almost 4 times since 2010. Worldwide players in the sector are raising their battery production capacity to satisfy greater EV and power applications market demand. According to the Global research institute McKinsey & Company, the fall in prices has led to a change in energy storage’s uses in the market from merely grid balancing to providing an alternative to conventional power generators, and aiding the renewable energy sources. Storage is more and more attractive to commercial customers and transforms entirely the energy markets. It is believed, that in the near future consumers will be able to completely abandon the grids by relying on solar plus storage and an electrical generator. 

While cheaper storage costs are good for customers, they will present a challenge for utilities which will face the risk of load loss. Hawaii and Australia are examples of advanced storage markets where customers who combine solar and storage meet their energy demands around 80-90% of the time.

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Solid state magnesium battery

Can solid-state magnesium battery challenge lithium-ion energy storage?

There have been hundreds of attempts to find the battery chemistry that will challenge the dominance of lithium-ion. Magnesium energy storage has been a theoretically attractive, but practically impractical proposition. Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory in conjunction with MIT have published a study showing potential magnesium mobility in a battery….

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Thirty percent fall in battery storage costs needed

30% fall in battery storage costs necessary for future viability of UK projects

According to Foresight, leading UK battery storage investors, a 30% reduction in energy storage costs is required to make future UK projects feasible without relying on revenues from frequency response contracts. Katherine Vinnicombe, investment manager for Foresight, said that four-year enhanced frequency response contracts make up 70% of development costs of two of their battery…

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Virtual power plant

How will virtual power plant trial fare in Ireland?

Dingle, a small town in Ireland, will be the testing ground for the country’s first virtual power plant. Twenty homes are to be equipped with rooftop solar, battery energy storage and smart technologies — the project is a community-scale trial run to test how the whole system can support the Irish grid as it incorporates…

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