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Energy Storage World Forum
Large Scale Grid Connected Applications Focus 16 - 18 May, 2018
Residential Energy Storage Forum
14 - 15 May, 2018

How To Secure And Structure Long-Term Power Purchase Agreements To Support Energy Storage

  • Who is willing to pay a certain KW/H and at what price?
  • What type of guarantees are available?
  • Balancing long-term agreements with decreasing costs of storage
Etienne Briere
Etienne Briere
Director Of Storage & Environnement

Structuring Your Energy Storage Project To Attract Funding From Investors

  • How to demonstrate long-term revenue?
  • Considerations of other financial structures such as lease-financing for batteries
  • What size should your energy storage project be in order to achieve project financing?
Kacem Bouithem
Kacem Bouithem
Senior Vice President, Power, Utilities, Metals & Mining

Evaluating The Top Three Revenue Streams Available For Energy Storage In Different European Markets And Where They Are Most Profitable

  • Examining each revenue stream by comparing existing market rules
  • Estimating the revenue streams available for the next 5 years
  • Which income is more volatile and which carries more regulatory risk?
  • What are the economics when you have more flexibility?
  • Maximising the value of energy storage
David Vangulick
David Vangulick
Head Of Long Term Planning Team

How To Earn Revenue Providing Grid Services By Participating In The Frequency Regulation Market

  • Evaluating if frequency response services provide higher revenues for batteries than reserve services
  • How to combine STORE & DTU revenues with frequency response services
  • What are the upcoming regulation changes that could reduce capacity market reserves for batteries after 2018?
Michal Krepelka
Michal Krepelka
Project Manager - Energy Storage

Applying Co-optimization Of Batteries To Improve Energy Arbitrage And Regulation Services

  • Evaluating different application combinations at different timescales
  • How to generate revenue and ensure a profit from multiple streams?
  • How to use multi-scale dynamic programming?
Arnim Wauschkuhn
Arnim Wauschkuhn
Sales Director Engineering and Consulting Services

Using A Battery Storage System For Peak Shaving And Frequency Regulation Simultaneously

  • How to manage the use of different timescales for different applications
  • How to identify operational constraints and uncertainties in customer load and regulation signals
  • What battery control algorithms are best for combining these two applications effectively?
Felix Halfmann
Felix Halfmann
Business Development Manager - Energy Storage

Demonstrating Ways In Which Storage Deals With Current And Voltage Constraints For Grid Distribution

  • Does storage deal with these constraints through local control or a regulated algorithm?
  • Managing medium & low voltage with wind and photovoltaics
  • Evaluating a control strategy that optimises distributed battery operation within a low voltage grid
Thomas Drizard
Thomas Drizard
Project Manager

Quantifying The Market Potential And Evaluating The Business Case For Deploying Energy Storage Within The Commercial And Industrial Sector

  • Examining revenue projections within the following sectors: hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, data centers & manufacturers
  • Which countries are leading the way and lagging behind in Energy Storage Systems adoption?
  • Understanding the drivers for the commercial and industrial market when deploying Energy Storage
Dominic Szanto
Dominic Szanto

Simplifying the User Experience For Ease Of Management With Automated Rules

  • Using automated rules to connect different devices to systems
  • Working with the local authority to gain permissions to install technology
  • Educating the local authority on installations, savings and deployment to speed up request for permission
Fons Jansen
Fons Jansen
Strategy Advisor Smart Grids & Europe
ENEXIS, (Netherlands)