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10 MWh battery energy storage system commissioned in England

As the first in a series of new projects being planned by UK energy storage project developer Eelpower, a 10MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) has been commissioned in England’s East Midlands.

Eelpower made a recent entrance to the energy storage projects scene in February 2017, however its senior management has several years experience in developing renewables. The BESS, designated as the Leverton project, is located near Lincoln. Constructed by Anesco, a renewables developer, Eelpower will take over the operation.

The revenue for the project from the start of 2018 until mid 2020 will be provided by a two-year firm frequency response (FFR) contract, which Leverton managed to secure in October. From October 2020, Leverton will begin a T-4 Capacity Market contract lasting 15 years. As the FFR tender bid specified a storage capacity of 12MW, the 10MW lithium-ion battery will be joined by a pair of 1.2MW hydroelectric battery units. BYD is Eelpower’s current supplier of lithium-ion batteries while the Barn Energy, Eelpower’s sister company, are developing the hydroelectric units.

Eelpower’s Leverton project is one of several building energy storage with the intention of securing future revenue from Capacity Market, but using FFR until the start of the longer term contract. As prices decline in the frequency response market, Eelpower intend to be one of the first to move to develop energy storage assets ready for future energy trading opportunities. Eelpower have more battery storage projects planned over the next three years.

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