Building The Action Plan (BAP)

Our Forums culminate with a session where conference delegates are asked to “Build An Action Plan” (BAP), with a step by step guide for a specific number of issues chosen by the participants. This will make the conference tailored to the specific learning needs from the participants as well as allowing them to make a contribution with their own ideas to the whole industry. The “BAP” is moderated by 2 experts from the energy storage industry who will guide you and help you with new ideas. This format is an integral part of the whole Forum thus taking it to the next level. It’s been exclusively designed by Dufresne Research for the Energy Storage World Forum series with the aim to give you actionable information that you can work on when you are back at your office.

How The Building An Action Plan Session Works


1. Every 3 power point presentations taking place during the 3 days Forum, the delegates will be given time to note down the three main points that he / she would like to discuss with more depth after having heard the presentations. In addition to that each delegate can suggest a topic when he / she registers to the conference via the website.

2. Delegates attending the BAP will then be presented with a list of topics to choose from and will be split into groups according to their favourite topic. Each group will come up with a detailed action plan for their chosen challenge.

3. Each group leader will present to the whole audience their group solution with a step by step action plan.

4. The outcome of each group will be posted on our Linkedin Group (  with a community of over 7000 energy storage professionals worldwide, thus allowing the rest of the world to add their own suggestions or learn from the participants.