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14th Energy Storage World Forum Programme

Berlin, 19 - 21 May 2021

UTILITY:Creating A Business Model To Enable Low Cost Financing In Order To Attract More Customers

  • Analysing the different schemes to offer more subsidies to customers
  • Addressing the challenge with high upfront CAPEX on installing storage with rooftop PV
  • Examining the option of installing district storage near the grid
Monica Löf
Monica Löf
R&D Programme Manager for Smart Energy Solutions
Vattenfall, (Sweden)

How To Establish Collaboration Schemes Between TSOs and DSOs To Increase Profitability And Deployment Of Energy Storage Systems

  • Examining the roles that TSOs & DSOs currently play in the energy transition and how does this affect the ESS deployment and profitability rates?
  • How to provide favourable corporation conditions to TSOs and DSOs while removing barriers to deploying large-scale energy storage systems?
  • Regulatory recommendations for the design and implementation of a pan-European coordination platform
Marco Pasquadibisceglie
Marco Pasquadibisceglie

Evaluating The Latest Market And Technological Developments Of Industrial and Large-Scale Storage Systems In Germany

  • Examining the latest developments in industrial and large-scale battery technology
  • Assessing recent large-scale energy storage projects that made use of innovative and unconventional concepts
  • Giving an outlook on grid boosters as an alternative to additional infrastructure spending
Jan Figgener
Jan Figgener

Providing Flexible And Scalable Inverter Solutions To Promote Safe, Reliable And Cost-Effective ESS Operations

  • Identifying important protective and safety features to look out for including DC disconnect switches and AC output breakers
  • Analysing the potential cost savings gained from the ability to parallel multiple inverters to scale up energy storage installations
  • Ensuring easy integration into any battery system with medium voltage (MV) transformers
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Building A Flexible Business Model That Allows Energy Storage Assets To Perform Multiple Use Cases Simultaneously

  • Introducing adaptive control as a key component to make battery storage more commercially viable
  • Identifying the most profitable and feasible combination of revenue streams
  • Establishing a priority order in which multiple tasks are executed in a manner that yields the highest reward to a BESS operator
Rebekka Schuster
Rebekka Schuster
Senior Manager

Predicting A Timeline When Self-Consumption Will Be Cheaper Than The Electricity Grid To Achieve Mass Market Penetration

  • When would the tax rate be favourable for mass market adoption?
  • Analysing the reduction of technology cost to reach tipping point
  • What is the optimum price band for the residential storage system in Europe?
Rory McCarthy
Rory McCarthy
Senior Analyst
Wood Mackenzie, (UK)

How To Adapt And Respond To The Adverse Effects Of Covid Outbreak On The Energy Storage Industry

  • Examining how the global demand and supply of renewables and energy storage were affected by the coronavirus outbreak and drop in oil prices in 2020
  • How to improve long-term scenario planning and comprehensive risk management strategies
  • Investigating how to ensure business continuity in the face of such adversity while protecting the well-being of staff
Julian Jansen
Julian Jansen
Research & Analysis Manager - Energy Storage
IHS Markit, (UK)

UTILITY: Building A More Reliable And Efficient Smart Grid Between Utilities & Residential Energy Storage Units Through A Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

  • Examining the government policies and market operations standards to support development of VPPs
  • How to prevent disconnection of assets fromthe grid during high voltage levels?
  • Evaluating installation procedure to maximise VPP performance
Jost Broichmann
Jost Broichmann
Project Manager Distribution Storage/Virtual Plants

UTILITY: How To Integrate More Solar + Storage Installations Into Distribution Grids Using Autonomous Power Control For PV And Storage

  • Determining need for active and reactive power control during drive for intermittent power generation
  • Examining strategies for independent and simultaneous control of active and reactive power
  • Comparing technical requirements and field performance of autonomous active and reactive power control
David Safar
David Safar
Member of Board of Directors
E.ON, (Czech Republic )

Transforming Residential Energy Storage Structure And Optimising Operational Performance With Internet of Things (IoT), Home Networks & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Examining the long-term benefits and savings by incorporating AI, IoT, Blockchain and Smart Technologies with energy storage
  • Analysing successful examples of implementing smart technologies to optimise energy storage operations
  • Developing a tool to analyse and manage data to improve customer engagement and retention
Marco Gazzino
Marco Gazzino
Head of Innovation
Enel X, (Italy)

Key Physical Features To Be Considered When Choosing A Good Quality, Fire Resistant Battery Case

  • Analysing which materials can minimise heat retention within the battery pack
  • Examining the best self extinguishing materials to use inside the battery case
  • Investigating battery case materials that have the highest chemical resistance and corrosion protection

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Developing A Stronger Range Of Technological Defenses Against Cyber-Attack On A Smart Grid With Energy Storage

  • Examining the latest security analytics platforms to build a secure grid
  • Analysing the key factors to build a strong and fast restoration tool
  • What are the latest standards to develop a resilient smart grid?
Fabio Lancellotti
Fabio Lancellotti
Investment Manager

Determining The Optimal Sizing Of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) For Grid Integration

  • Utilising variability smoothing algorithms to simulate the operating conditions of the battery
  • Obtaining realistic power profiles and cycling patterns representative to the application considered
  • Determining asset performance capabilities and aging behaviour in order to conclude the optimum size of battery required

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UTILITY: Predicting Grid Demand With No Control Over Variables And Lack Of Customer Behaviour Data

  • Examining other factors to assist the utilities with grid problems when residents control most of the variables including size & location of storage
  • Developing an accurate forecasting model to plan for grid problems
  • Obtaining customer behaviour data including equipment preference, usage pattern, charging times
Erik Hauptmeier
Erik Hauptmeier
Systems Operations
Westnetz, (Germany)

UTILITY: Addressing System Challenges From Renewables Integration And The Role Of Energy Storage And Fast Reserve Units In The Italian Grid

  • Investigating the Italian energy system context: National targets and main impacts on the Electricity System
  • Assessing different kinds of storage for different purposes
  • Defining new market products to enable progressive renewables integration: the Fast Reserve case
Luca Marchisio
Luca Marchisio
Head of System Strategy

UTILITY: Implementing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Energy Trading Between Residents Via Blockchain For Prosumers To Participate In The Energy Market

  • Designing a trading software that allows residents to trade excess energy directly to neighbours at a better price
  • Creating a network to continuously track assets in order to provide real-time data
  • Examining the economic model for co-ownership of energy storage assets
Domenico Cimmino
Domenico Cimmino
R&D and Innovation Technology Manager
Evolvere, (Italy)

UTILITY: Increasing The Operating Flexibility Of Energy Supply And Ancillary Services By Integrating A Thermal Energy Storage System In A Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant

  • Developing an innovative thermal storage system to be installed in a combined cycle gas power plant
  • Assessing the capabilities of this system in providing flexible energy supply and ancillary services to the grid
  • Comparing the benefits provided such as load shifting and increased ramp up/down speeds to those of traditional storage systems
Pasquale Salza
Pasquale Salza
Head of Long Duration Storage & Hybrid Systems

Investigating Fire Extinguishing Strategies To Prevent Fire Spread In Residential Energy Storage Applications

  • Analysing safety hazards of Li-Ion batteries.
  • What is the importance of avoiding thermal propagation in battery systems?
  • Which fire extinguishing agents are suitable to mitigate fire spread in residential energy storage systems?
Joaquín Klee Barillas
Joaquín Klee Barillas
Battery Systems Engineering

Examining Application Scenarios Of Electric Thermal Energy Storage And Selection Of Thermal Energy Storage Materials With Case Studies From China

  • Analysing the application scenarios of electric thermal energy storage: Residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive
  • Cost-competitive large-scale thermal energy storage (MWh scale) and compact small-scale high-density thermal energy storage (KWh scale)
  • Selection of thermal energy storage materials under different scenarios and different scales
Peng Xie
Peng Xie
Research Engineer

UTILITY: Analysing Lessons Learnt From Three Projects In London That Applied Different Business Models For Residential Energy Storage Ownership & Value

  • Evaluating the role of DSOs in flexible energy storage access for low voltage residential users
  • Understanding the value of flexibility services, expected benefits to DSOs from ensuring access to storage technology to diverse customer groups
  • Lessons learnt: evaluating initial trial results and suggestions to developers for participation in future flexibility services
Romina Arefin
Romina Arefin
Innovation Engineer

UTILITY: Evaluating Potential Business Models For The Production Of 100% Green Hydrogen Through Electrolysis And Its Effectiveness In Storing Surplus Power And Grid Balancing

  • Analysing the expected market perspectives and new hydrogen value chain
  • How to select appropriate customer segments that will lead to higher adoption rates?
  • Facilitating distribution of decentralized generation by using hydrogen storage for re-electrification
Wolfgang Pell
Wolfgang Pell
Chief Research Officer
VERBUND, ( Austria)

Protecting Homeowners Privacy While Collecting & Analysing Big Energy Data

  • Examining the security procedures in place to protect customers information, usage pattern and transaction details
  • What can be done to prevent companies from misappropriating customers data?
  • Analysing the common human error to prevent data breaches
Georg Vogt
Georg Vogt
Head of ICT Innovation Energy
Empirica Communication and Technology Research, (Germany)

PANEL SESSION: How Do Different Grid Tariff Structures And Connection Fees Across Europe Affect Energy Storage Deployment Rates And Which Structures Help To Facilitate The Highest Rate Of Deployment?

  • Examining different grid tariff structures in Europe and how they impact the profitability of energy storage assets
  • Determining who should be paying for the services that energy storage assets provide?
  • Exploring new and unique regulatory recommendations that could contribute to ensuring a level playing field for energy storage assets across Europe
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Marijn Maenhoudt
Marijn Maenhoudt
Marco Pasquadibisceglie
Marco Pasquadibisceglie

Networking Drinks Reception

One hour drinks reception where speakers and delegates come together to discuss the day's topics in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Analysing What New Business Models Are Possible For Energy Storage – A Regulator’s Perspective

  • Analysing the right economic and pricing models
  • Examining the policies that will provide compensation and incentives to utilities
  • Developing rate structures that minimise average costs of the system
Tudor Constantinescu
Tudor Constantinescu
Principal Advisor To The Director General For Energy
European Commission, (Belgium)

Understanding Customers Needs, Preference And Triggers To Develop A Residential Energy Storage Product Catered To Mass Market

  • Analysing the emotional and commercial motivations of home-owners investing into residential storage
  • Developing a product with user-friendly interface
  • How to leverage storage with other services/items to attract the mass market
Gianni Commessatti
Gianni Commessatti
Solar Business Manager

UTILITY: Decarbonising The Energy Sector Using Future Integrated Energy Systems With More Intermittency, Flexibility And Coupled Infrastructures

  • Examining the future energy infrastructure with coupled energy sectors and chances due to digitalization
  • Combining individual energy sectors (electricity, heat, mobility) to maximise the efficient use of intermittent renewable energy
  • Using small-scale flexibility, battery energy storage systems and power-to-x technologies in order to minimize the need of network development
Friedrich Kunz
Friedrich Kunz
Advisor Market Development

Utilising Power-To-X As A Key Technology To Transform And Save Energy From Renewable Sources For Long-Term Storage

  • Examining the different utilisation pathways of Power-to-X technology
  • Creating opportunities for carbon neutrality and efficiency along the entire energy value chain using existing infrastructure and surplus renewable energy
  • Optimising assets from a technical and commercial perspective to match individual use cases
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UTILITY: Evaluating The Technical, Economic And Regulatory Requirements Of Deploying Large Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems Within The European Market

  • What factors need to be evaluated when deploying large-scale BESS for arbitrage and ancillary services?
  • Examining ways to overcome the technical barriers faced during installation, operation and maintenance of battery energy storage systems
  • Analysing the most commercially viable business models and how to ensure profitability
Ivan Androcec
Ivan Androcec
Head of Investment Strategy & New Technologies

Understanding The Latest Residential Energy Storage Product Trends And Changes In The Supplier Landscape

  • Analysing the emotional and commercial motivations of home-owners investing into residential storage
  • Evaluating the latest supplier and product trends that are shaping the market
  • How to leverage storage with other services and exploit future opportunities
Michael Longson
Michael Longson
Global Battery and Energy Storage Researcher

UTILITY: Responding To Falling Ancillary Revenue Streams By Developing Brand New Revenue Streams To Tap Into

  • Taking a holistic approach towards the energy storage market in Europe by considering system flexibility needs
  • What is required to achieve full system flexibility in Europe?
  • Comparing the energy storage market in Europe to its international counterparts and deriving lessons that can be learnt from them
Sonia Quiterio
Sonia Quiterio
Senior Expansion Manager

UTILITY: Evaluating The Latest Battery Chemistry Most Suited For Mass Residential Energy Storage Deployments

  • Analysing the latest technology that could increase storage capacity to achieve a lifetime of 10 years and more
  • Evaluating new technology based on reliability and lifetime assessment
  • Which technology have the cost advantage prevailing over others for the next 5-10 years?
Stuart Norman
Stuart Norman
Solar & Storage Technical Programme Manager
E.ON, (UK)

Optimising Strategies For Managing The Charge Cycle Of Batteries In Order To Prolong The Life Of Energy Storage Assets

  • Determining when to conduct deep cycling and shallow cycling
  • Concluding the optimum depth of discharge and how to prevent overcharging or undercharging
  • Considering external factors that affects ageing of the asset on top of cycling such as temperature of the environment
Tancredi Peraino
Tancredi Peraino
Project Manager - Hybrid Power Systems

UTILITY: Evaluating Results From Pilot Projects In Spain With 200 kVA Rated Power And 200 kWh Storage Capacity, Designed To Feed 300 Customers By Integrating Residential Energy Storage Assets In The Grid

  • Evaluating the ROI - What were the economics from the last 5 years and what will they be in the next 5, 10 & 20 years? How do the economics influence the system design?
  • Examining one technical & one strategic mistake and suggesting a solution for future developers.
  • Examining the results and evaluating a new role for DSOs
Ramses Garrote
Ramses Garrote
Technical Services Manager
Viesgo, (Spain)

Quantifying The Market Potential And Evaluating The Business Case For Deploying Liquid Air Energy Storage As A Medium-Term Storage Solution In Europe

  • Identifying revenue streams that liquid air energy storage can tap into
  • Examining the best ways to value-stack multiple use cases in order to maximise potential revenue
  • Comparing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of competing storage solutions to determine when it would be most cost efficient to use liquid air energy storage

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UTILITY: Evaluating Features Of Hydrogen Storage And Its Market Potential Within The Residential Energy Storage Market

  • Examining the energy density of hydrogen storage within residential applications
  • Comparing the lifetime cost of hydrogen storage with other technologies
  • Analysing the safety concerns of having hydrogen storage in the house
Marcel Keiffenheim
Marcel Keiffenheim
Head of Energy Policy
Greenpeace Energy, (Germany)

Establishing A Comparison Metric To Evaluate Key Energy Storage Solutions Available In The Market To Guarantee The Highest Possible ROI

  • Identifying the key differences between lithium-ion, vanadium redox flow and lead acid batteries - What are their most suitable applications?
  • Analysing key characteristics including energy density, degradation, lifetime, round trip efficiency, safety and LCOE
  • Evaluating real-life business cases and value-stacks built around the most commercially viable energy storage solutions available in the market
Ilja Pawel
Ilja Pawel
CEO & Founder

UTILITY: Evaluating The Results From The Brixton Project In London And Understanding How Residential Energy Markets Can Interact With The Grid

  • Verifying the performance of electricity network control system used. What needs improving?
  • Evaluating the ROI - What were the economics from the last 5 years and what will they be in the next 5, 10 & 20 years. How do the economics influence the system design?
  • Examining one technical and one strategic mistake and suggesting a solution for future developers
Maria Brucoli
Maria Brucoli
Smart Energy Systems Manager

UTILITY: Maximising The Value Of Renewable Energy Sources By Integrating Co-Located Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

  • Identifying possible use cases and revenue streams that co-located BESS can tap into
  • Determining the most profitable value stack and quantifying potential earnings
  • Regulatory recommendations that could help to increase the value that co-located BESS can generate
Paulina Asbeck
Paulina Asbeck
Business Lead Product & Market Development

Creating A Robust And Certified Battery Technology Which Offers 10 Years Of Warranty To Residential End Users

  • Addressing key challenges related to battery degradation and performance
  • Assurance of safety issues with credible third party testing laboratory results
  • What are the key criteria that Insurance companies are using?
Kai-Philipp Kairies
Kai-Philipp Kairies
Director Technical Consulting

Deploying Grid-Scale Hybrid Energy Storage Systems To Enable A More Flexible And Responsive Electricity Grid

  • Combining the strengths of li-ion batteries with vanadium redox flow batteries to meet complex demands of multiple uses while extending the lifespan
  • Using smart software to manage the different applications of the system to reduce strain on the grid and allow it to accomodate more renewables
  • Analysing the proposed business models for hybrid energy storage systems and its effectiveness in unlocking new opportunities for consumers and market providers
Tim Rose
Tim Rose
Programme Manager Energy Superhub Oxford

UTILITY: Examining The Top Three New Applications That When Combined Will Create A Profitable Business Model For DSOs

  • How to develop additional value streams (Time of Use, VPP)
  • What are the business models available to reduce the cost of storage for end customers and DSOs?
  • What storage applications would government and regulators more likely to approve in order to achieve better quality of life to citizens?
Rui Bernardo
Rui Bernardo
Electrical Engineer
EDP, (Portugal)

UTILITY: How To Ensure A Good, Flexible Performance Warranty That Guarantees Output?

  • Accurately modeling and predicting degradation and deterioration over time based on different applications
  • Considering different temperatures and conditions that the battery will be subjected to during its lifetime
  • Providing an energy throughput warranty that only guarantees the total amount of energy provided while actual lifetime is based on how the battery is used
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen
Project Manager Energy Storage
RTE, (France)

Optimising The Technical Connection Points To Integrate Residential Storage With Other Energy Assets

  • Integrating the connection point of battery storage with other energy assets
  • What can manufacturers add to optimise the technical infrastructures?
  • Developing an industry market mechanism for storage integration
Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones
Everoze, (UK)

Performing An Accurate Life Cycle Economic Assessment Which Evaluates The Most Relevant Components During An ESS Entire Lifetime

  • Accurately predicting life cycle cost components within a constantly evolving technological landscape
  • Investigating the impact that decommissioning, recycling and disposal processes have on the total life cycle cost
  • Determining the most cost-effective operation and maintenance procedures that could help lower the total life cycle cost
Omar Ciprietti
Omar Ciprietti
Manager Battery Storage Systems

Identifying The Key Drivers For Homeowners To Participate In Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) When Electric Vehicles Are Stationary At Home

  • Examining clear technical information (including battery degradation) on how utilities would draw power from electric vehicles
  • Who would cover the cost of battery replacements?
  • Analysing the commercial benefits and compensation for vehicle owners
Florian Mayr
Florian Mayr
APRICUM – The Cleantech Advisory, (GERMANY)

PANEL SESSION: Examining Customers Data To Develop Clear Policies And Regulation For Fostering Residential Energy Storage

  • Identifying clear price signals and establishing frameworks for engaging with the market
  • Analysing the monetary and technical limits for charging and discharging of Electric Vehicles to the grid
  • Providing incentives to encourage homeowners to install storage with rooftop photovoltaic systems
Kai-Philipp Kairies
Kai-Philipp Kairies
Director Technical Consulting
Luigi Mazzocchi
Luigi Mazzocchi
Director Department Generation Systems
RSE, (Italy)
Robert O’Rourke
Robert O’Rourke
Network Manager
Commission for Regulation of Utilities, (Ireland)
Tudor Constantinescu
Tudor Constantinescu
Principal Advisor To The Director General For Energy
European Commission, (Belgium)


Participants will delve deep into key industry challenges chosen by the audience and will brainstorm solutions with a step-by-step action plan. Delegates will be divided into smaller groups to exchange insights and connect with industry experts on the specific issues, thus tailoring the conference even further to answer specific needs of the audience

Mitigating Business Risks In Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Projects

  • How to make lenders collaborate with short term contracts in a high risk market
  • How to assess and quantify revenues over the long term, and quantify the uncertainty
  • What are the key steps we need to take in order to finance energy storage projects? What are the revenue streams and relative split?
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Managing Director & CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

C&I: Evaluating The Effects Of Using Green Hydrogen And Storage To Replace Coking Coal In The Steel Making Industry

  • Examining the system design and role that hydrogen storage plays in fossil free steel-making technology
  • Understanding and quantifying the value gained by producers of steel from decarbonising the steel industry
  • What conditions need to be met on a technological, regulatory and market level to make fossil-free steel competitive in the long-term

UTILITY: Improving Forecasting And Decision-Aid Tools To Accurately Predict And Manage High Volumes Of Renewable Energy Generation

  • Identifying requirements for forecasting technologies to enable near 100% RES penetration
  • Streamlining the process of getting optimal value from data and forecasts
  • Utilising energy storage to flatten forecasting errors
Alexandre Neto
Alexandre Neto
Project Manager

Developing Reliable Testing Methods For Battery Energy Storage Systems To Improve Safety And Guarantee Output Of Assets

  • Identifying asset performance with respect to application specific expectations and equipment warranties
  • Examining key operating parameters such as optimum temperature, power, efficiency and degradation
  • What are the operating characteristics that will help to prolong asset life?
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Promoting Co-Located Solar Plus Storage Business Models In Europe To Reduce Investment Risks For Energy Storage Projects

  • Identifying key geographic locations that have a favourable energy mix for solar plus storage models to thrive
  • Making renewables more reliable, flexible and stable by allowing them to be readily dispatchable thus securing additional revenue streams
  • Analysing the different applications for solar plus storage and the best way to value-stack them to maximise returns
Vincenzo Trovato
Vincenzo Trovato

C&I: Examining The Business Model For Implementing Energy Storage Into The Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Sectors

  • Examining which approach will facilitate the financing of the project from all stakeholders
  • Identifying an objective and realistic saving amount that can be achieved with energy storage
  • What are the KPIs being evaluated?
Jan-Åke Johnsson
Jan-Åke Johnsson
Building Services Engineering Manager
IKEA, (Sweden)

UTILITY: Investigating The Techno-Economic Viability Of Integrating Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) In The Interconnected Systems For Operating Reserves Or Providing Services To The Grid

  • Analysing large scale BESS integration on interconnected islands for operating reserves
  • Understanding how large scale BESS can optimise the provision of grid services
  • Establishing TSO/DSO coordination for the participation of BESS in the TSO ancillary services markets. What are the benefits for a TSO?
Marios Sousounis
Marios Sousounis
Research Engineer

C&I: Finding An Optimal Energy Storage Size For Time Shifting In Commercial & Industrial Sites Based On ICT Example

  • How to find an optimal energy storage size?
  • Identifying the short & long-term savings possible to achieve with energy storage
  • Identifying additional benefits from energy storage in ICT industry
Dariusz Stańczak
Dariusz Stańczak
Energy Efficiency Manager
Orange, (Poland)

UTILITY: How Will Second Life Batteries Compete With First Life Battery Energy Storage Systems?

  • Building a business model that ensures second life batteries always have a lower cost than the falling prices of first life batteries
  • Examining all possible uses of second life batteries and making sure its cost is justified by the services provided
  • Ensuring a secure supply of used batteries, a capable and efficient production line and proper supply chain to deliver second life batteries to the masses
Julian Marschewski
Julian Marschewski
New Technologies R&D Batteries & Storages

C&I: Examining The Energy Consumption Profiles And Best Solutions For Retail Operations

  • Analysing the effectiveness of current strategies being used to reduce overall carbon emissions
  • Examining the energy consumption patterns and specific requirements of retail operations
  • Identifying necessary characteristics in energy storage technologies and price point that will make it worth investing in
Eric Bogne
Eric Bogne
Head of Energy

Regulatory Proposals That Will Allow All Market Players To Benefit From Arbitrage Profit Maximisation

  • Removing barriers to entry in order for energy storage assets to participate fully in the electricity markets
  • Allowing energy storage systems to switch between providing ancillary services such as frequency regulation and arbitraging energy prices
  • Providing access to balancing mechanisms in order to allow independent aggregators to enter the market
Marijn Maenhoudt
Marijn Maenhoudt

Incorporating Data Analytics Software To Ensure Optimum System Integration Of Hardware And Bankability Of The Whole Energy Storage Value Chain

  • Examining the tool used to automate hardware (e.g. battery, inverter, loads)
  • Developing a software to be able to operate any size & type of hardware
  • Tracking & monitoring performance data to ensure savings for homeowners

  • Applications for this slot are still open - Apply Now! (emily@energystorageforum.com)

UTILITY: Decarbonising Industrial Sectors With The Help Of Large Scale Hydrogen Production And Storage

  • Identifying the main challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve a fossil-free industry
  • Assessing the initial capital required and operating expenses to enable sector coupling
  • Developing recommendations regarding the design and layout of a hydrogen value chain
Anna Trendewicz
Anna Trendewicz
Innovation Strategy Manager

C&I: Making Aluminium Smelter’s Energy-Intensive Electrolysis Process More Flexible With A “Virtual Battery”

  • Introducing functionality and performance of TRIMET's 'Virtual Battery' (VB)
  • Explaining the technological modifications necessary to keep the production process stable despite unsteady energy supply
  • Outlining the technical, economical and regulatory framework conditions required for the upgrading of further smelter operations into VB performance
Heribert Hauck
Heribert Hauck
Head of Energy Affairs

UTILITY: Utilising Liquid Ammonia For Cost-Effective Storage And Distribution Of Large Quantities Of Renewable Energy

  • Assessing the role of ammonia as a hydrogen carrier at large scale compared to other technologies
  • Optimising the ammonia decomposition process
  • Defining key markets and commercialisation pathways for using liquid ammonia to store and distribute renewable energy
Camel Makhloufi
Camel Makhloufi
Key Expert Hydrogen Lab

C&I: Examining Current Carbon Emissions And Forming A Roadmap To Fully Decarbonise Industrial Processes

  • Identifying the main carbon intensive processes and defining goals to reduce overall emissions
  • Developing clear action plans to reach 100% carbon neutrality
  • Regulatory recommendations that will support decarbonisation of industrial processes throughout Europe

  • Applications for this slot are still open - Apply Now! (emily@energystorageforum.com)

Balancing The Different Use Cases Of BESS Against The Rate Of Degradation To Maximise Available Revenue Streams Without Increasing Maintenance Costs

  • Identifying operational constraints and uncertainties in customer load and market signals
  • Optimising the timescales of different applications
  • Determining when and how the battery should be charged and discharged to maximise its operating revenue across multiple use cases
Joern Hackbarth
Joern Hackbarth
EVP, Global Head of Construction and Engineering

C&I: Examining The Energy Needs Of Data Centres And Identifying The Best Energy Options

  • Analysing energy consumption patterns and key technical requirements of energy options
  • Identifying the main barriers for integrating energy storage in data centre facilities
  • What alternative solutions are being considered?

Understanding The Structure And Identifying Opportunities In The Thai Energy Storage Industry

  • Examining the latest developments in the energy storage industry in Thailand
  • Understanding the key drivers and stakeholders of the Thai energy storage market
  • Identifying opportunities for energy storage manufacturers and solution providers

C&I: Examining Innovative Solutions That Lower Overall Power Consumptions And Improve Energy Security For Telecommunications Providers In Rural Areas

  • Assessing the effectiveness of current solutions that provide energy efficient coverage in off-grid regions
  • How do these solutions work with solar panels and batteries in order to keep off-grid sites live throughout the day?
  • Identifying specific requirements for solar and storage technologies that could potentially help to improve telecommunications coverage in rural sites globally

  • Applications for this slot are still open - Apply Now! (emily@energystorageforum.com)

Regulatory Reviews And Policy Changes Required To Support The Growth Of Power-to-X Technology Across Europe

  • What will the ideal regulatory framework around Power-to-X technology look like?
  • Recognising the importance of sector coupling and analysing the role it plays in reducing the regions’ carbon emissions
  • Market and regulatory conditions required to make Power-to-X technology economically attractive for the energy market
Klaus Bader
Klaus Bader
Head of Energy - Europe

C&I: Examining The Energy Needs Of Steel Plants And Creating ROI From New Technologies

  • Identifying the specific energy management needs of energy-intensive industries like steel manufacturing
  • Comparing the ROI of clean energy technologies currently being used
  • In what way will energy storage affect the CO2 cost-effective capture, hydrogenation and conversion to fuel process in energy intensive industries?
Santiago Capelo
Santiago Capelo
Energy Researcher

PANEL SESSION: How To Solve The Conflict Between Achieving The Highest Possible Profits From Energy Storage Projects And Achieving 100% Clean Energy In The Grid?

  • Examining real-life business models that maximise profit as installed energy storage capacity increases
  • What are the regulatory barriers that developers and their partners face in maximising installed energy storage capacity?
  • How to contract long term ESS projects based on largely short term revenue streams?
Michele Appendino
Michele Appendino
Clotaire François
Clotaire François
Christophe Banos
Christophe Banos
New Technologies Development Manager
EDF Renewables, (UK)


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