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Benefits Of Being A Speaker

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Contribute And Stand Out As A Leader

As a speaker you are more likely to be recognised as a community leader and therefore network more easily with your peers. Receive kudos and recognition for taking the time to contribute to the community with the whole conference audience watching on. Get coverage beyond our event. Get a unique picture by our custom design stage to post on your website or with one of our media partners and let others know about your contribution. Many of our conference speakers also do get invited to speak by conference organisers worldwide, thus giving you the choice to have more than one exposure platform in the long term.


Increase Your Personal Profile And Company Branding

As a speaker you will have the opportunity to make yourself and your company name known not just on the conference programme, but also on our website with your company logo appearing next to your personal picture (see home page and speakers page). In addition to that as a speaker you will get priority to be interviewed for one of our videos or blog articles. Our blog, newsletters, linkedin group and youtube channels receive regular traffic with viewers and readers from all around the world all year round and not just from those attending the Forum! This will increase your personal branding and company exposure well beyond speaking at the conference.


Government Officials and CEOs

Some of our events are being addressed by senior Government officials and CEOs. As a peer speaker it will be easier for you to have the chance to network with them. Some of our government officials taking part in our past events include: Megumu Tsuji, Member of the House of Representatives (Japan), Yukio Hatoyama, Member of the House of Representatives and ex Prime Minister of Japan, the late Hermann Scheer, Member of the GERMAN PARLIAMENT BUNDESTAG, Jordi Hereu, past Mayor of Barcelona, Imre Gyuk, Program Manager – Energy Storage Research, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (USA), Jonathan Read, CEO/President, ECOTALITY (USA)


Speak Within A New Attention Grabbing Format: TECH SOAP BOX (TM)

We at Dufresne have devised a unique presentation format called TECH SOAP BOX (TM). This format is designed to put the audience in charge and it has become one of our key Forum features. How does it work? The speakers will address the audience for only 10 minutes each by examining how their new technology is benefitting the community in terms of estimated economic gains and service reliability. Soon after the speeches have been completed the audience will then evaluate each speaker and the winner will benefit from an article on our blog as well as a full speaking slot at the next Forum. This format makes the presentation more dynamic and straight to the point, thus catching more attention from the audience. Some of our speakers take pride in winning this session and make sure that their customers know it. The more cutting edge and unique is your solution and the more likely you are to get picked by our conference producer. Apply below!


Get Attention At The Conference And Outside The Conference

As a speaker you will have access to one of our group on Linkedin with 5800+ members so you can better network with your potential audience and prepare a more tailored presentation. All of this could give you greater chances to be rated as one of the best speakers. Sometimes we even feature a unique interview with the speaker and post it within the group to prepare your audience on what’s to come during the actual event or to get new ideas for your presentation. We screen the profile of all applying members to ensure that they are actively working within this industry and give you relevant ideas.



Who Will Be Your Audience?

The targeted exposure that we offer is not just at the event. Our industry news blog, newsletter subscribers, video channels and mailing list would give you continous exposure for up to one year, before, during and after the conference. Ask our producer for details of how many thousands subscribers and followers we have worldwide. Our Forums have attracted a total of over 500 professionals attendees from 28 different countries (as a total of all Forums combined). Check our Past Events page for details of companies and speakers who attended in the past.


Industry Sector Job Function Region
Utilities Head of R&D and Strategic Planning Europe 60%
Generation Director of Grid Integration North Asia 15%
Transmission & Distribution Providers Transmission Networks Manager Japan & Korea 5%
Renewable Energy Intergrators Energy Storage Specialist South East Asia 5%
Government/Regulators/Public Agencies Technical Development Manager China 5%
Energy Storage Solutions Providers Head of Renewable Technologies India 5%
Wind Energy Operators Distributed Energy Resources Manager Middle East 2%
PV & Solar Manufacturers Director Electrical Storage Systems Rest of World 3%
Academics and Government Policy Storage Research Leader
Commercial & Industrial End Users Planner Load Levelling Manager
Research Institutes Government Representative
Trading and Oil/Gas Companies


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