20 Utilities, 5 Regulators, 40 Topics, And 50 Speakers At 6th Forum Berlin 2013

Germany is been advancing rapidly in terms of energy storage politically, technologically and socially in the past year, and we are excited to be in the midst of all the action.

This year, our 6th annual Energy Storage World Forum will be held in Berlin, and we are pleased to announce that for this conference, there will be more than 50 speakers from 20 Utilities and 5 Regulators, and they will be covering a range of some 40 topics, as well as moderating a panel session on the first day of the Forum. Some of our distinguished speakers include TERNA CEO Francesco del Pizzo and NUR ENERGIE CEO Kevin Sara.


The speakers will be answering questions such as what the best match of battery and storage technology is, what applications are best for microgrids, and what the right balance between PV and storage support should be.

To view a full list of speakers and topics, click here.

To view the bios of our speakers, click here.

The Dufresne team hopes that you enjoy the material on this site, and we hope to see you in Berlin! 

If you want to know more about this and other topics directly from end users of energy storage technologies join us at one of these annual events: The Energy Storage World Forum (Grid Scale Applications), or The Residential Energy Storage Forum, or one of our Training Courses.


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“Well-designed, organized, friendly staff– and various international contacts we hope to do business with soon.”


Marketing Manager, Gildemeister

“High scientific content, well targeted, perfect organization.”


Expert Technical & Governance, Elia

Excellent networking event. The sponsorship was well worth it.”


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