Innovative schemes taking place in the UK’s Energy Storage Market

Increased use of renewable energy power has led to a growth in the demand for energy storage solutions and UK was able to attract two of the largest utility-scale battery projects in Europe. Battery storage will help maintain UK’s grid frequency stable when combined with renewable energy sources and will help increase energy security.

According to the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, by 2030 about 50% of UK’s electricity will come from renewable sources. Some of the upcoming energy projects include Vattenfall’s 22 MW project for UK’s National Grid which will use BMW i3 batteries, two energy storage projects by energy trader Vitol, and a 49MW project by the British utility Centrica. 

The real prize for us is unlocking the customer market,” said Mark Futyan, Centrica’s merchant power director. “Some customers want battery solutions for resilience and security of supply. For others it’s about being able to invest and make a return.”

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Applications of Energy Storage

Applications of Energy Storage

Where can energy storage systems (ESS) generate value? Applications can range from ancillary services to grid operators to reducing costs “behind-the-meter” to end users. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) have seen the widest variety of uses, while others such as pumped hydropower, flywheels and thermal storage are used in specific applications. Applications for Grid Operators…

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