Energy Storage Transforms C&I Market

Energy storage experiences a growth thanks to lithium-ion batteries price falls of almost 4 times since 2010. Worldwide players in the sector are raising their battery production capacity to satisfy greater EV and power applications market demand. According to the Global research institute McKinsey & Company, the fall in prices has led to a change in energy storage’s uses in the market from merely grid balancing to providing an alternative to conventional power generators, and aiding the renewable energy sources. Storage is more and more attractive to commercial customers and transforms entirely the energy markets. It is believed, that in the near future consumers will be able to completely abandon the grids by relying on solar plus storage and an electrical generator. 

While cheaper storage costs are good for customers, they will present a challenge for utilities which will face the risk of load loss. Hawaii and Australia are examples of advanced storage markets where customers who combine solar and storage meet their energy demands around 80-90% of the time.

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Evaluating The Economics Of Gas Storage for the Grid

Evaluating The Economics Of Gas Storage For The Grid

Power-to-gas is the method of turning electricity into hydrogen gas using electrolysis. The resulting hydrogen can then be used as vehicle fuel, combined with carbon dioxide to make methane (a natural gas replacement), or injected into natural gas infrastructure as hydrogen in low concentrations. If made from surplus renewable electricity, the generated hydrogen is low-carbon…

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Cutting costs for bulk ES

What technologies are being explored to cut costs for bulk energy storage?

Making energy storage cheaper is a key goal of a horde of companies. But how are they looking to store energy at much larger – gigawatt-hours, not megawatt-hours – scales? Increasing energy density or improving component manufacturing efficiency can only go so far. Nothing can yet match pumped hydropower, however the limited availability of suitable…

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