Novel Math Model Unlocks The Energy Storage Solutions Beyond Lithium-ion Designs

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a new mathematical model for designing materials that could bring progress to the wide-scale energy storage solutions and goes beyond the lithium-ion designs. This model could facilitate the transition to renewable energy by helping create new energy-storage technologies that make renewabls like solar and wind accessible when actually the natural resource itself is not.

The potential here is that you could build batteries that last much longer and make them much smaller,” said Daniel Tartakovsky, a professor in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences at Stanford University. Unlike the current practice for materials development based on trial and error, this model provides materials chemists a more systematic approach to develop nanoporous metamaterials with exceptional energy-storage characteristics. 

In addition to bringing new solutions to the energy storage field, the model could be used in areas such as biomedical tissue engineering. 

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