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Speakers from 16 Utilities, 2 IPPs, 2 C&Is, 7 Regulators from 19 countries


Energy Storage World Forum 2019

Assuring Long Term Performance and Protecting Financial Investment In Battery Technology

  • Protecting new technologies to attract finance and improve credibility
  • Assessing battery technology, analysing technical data and warranty obligations
  • Supporting bankability for stationary and mobility applications
Michael Schrempp
Michael Schrempp
Head of Green Tech Solutions
MUNICH RE, (Germany)

How Can Dispersed Storage Be Managed Or Coordinated To Help The Grid Run As Efficiently As Possible? (Utility)

  • How can market signals achieve effective coordination of storage with net grid demand?
  • How can usual projections of system adequacy show when and where investment in energy storage would be beneficial?
  • Surveying the available mechanisms for control of dispersed energy storage when suitable market signals are unavailable

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Evaluating The Non Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies That Can Compete And Overtake Lithium’s Dominant Position In New Energy Storage Installations

  • What are the promising non electrochemical based technologies?
  • Key metrics on which other technologies can outperform lithium batteries
  • How customers’ performance priorities are developing over time
Edgar Harzfeld
Edgar Harzfeld

Deciding The Size Of A Grid Booster And How Many To Deploy In Order To Accelerate The German Energy Transition

  • What type of storage devices are found to be most suitable for and why?
  • Examining different regions and system architectures
  • Which parameters and indicators need to be examined when deploying boosters?

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Driving Energy Storage Standards Through Use Cases To Produce Technology-Neutral Specification And Assessment Regimes (Utility)

  • Shifting from a technology focus to a use-case focus
  • Achieving consistent standards applying to installation, connection, and application of any energy storage technology
  • Identifying the gaps in standards development through IEC committees TC21 and 21A, TC22, and TC120. What are the next steps?
Pablo Albi Perez
Pablo Albi Perez
Electrical Engineer, Technical Design Department
Red Electrica, (Spain)

Identifying KPIs And Calculating the True Levelized Energy Cost, EPC And O&M To Achieve Optimum Business Models (Utility)

  • Comparison of various technology of storage for small and large scale cost, energy density, life and TCO model (total cost of ownership)
  • Examining the actual costs of available technologies and the way their technical features evolve
  • How to reduce the cost of energy storage beyond CAPEX? 
Stewart Reid
Stewart Reid
Head of Future Networks

Forecasting The Cost Of Power Conversion Systems For Accurate Project Planning

  • Tracking the complexity and capability of power conversion systems over time and anticipating user needs for capable and future-proof battery systems
  • Power conversion and balance of plant costs as a fraction of battery system cost
  • Commodity cells: configuring power conversion systems to permit battery cell replacement from alternative vendors at system mid-life
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Deploying Storage To Optimise Dispatch Costs And Network Investment (Utility)

  • Defining system service needs and procurement options on the type of storage devices found to be most suitable
  • Examining three different regions and system architectures
  • Which parameters and indicators need to be examined?
Robin McCormick
Robin McCormick
Director of Operations, Planning & Innovation
EIRGRID & SONI, (Ireland )

What Is The Role Of EPCs In Ensuring Energy Storage Projects Are Considered Bankable By Financiers?

  • To what extent are EPCs capable to provide a guarantee of assurance that the system will achieve a ROI
  • How do EPCs validate assumptions with their models?
  • What research do EPC’s rely on?
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Understanding The Renewable Energy Needs Of Hotels And How To Integrate Energy Storage

  • Understanding the key factors and stakeholders in holding the organisation back from Energy Storage
  • What are the best ways to demonstrate savings to the Hotel sector?
  • What does a hotel need to consider before preparing the business case for energy storage?
Juan Antonio Caballero Sanchez
Juan Antonio Caballero Sanchez
VP Maintenance & Engineering

Conducting Suitable Risk Assessments Covering All States Of The Large Scale Energy Storage System Life-Cycle (Utility)

  • Identifying hazard potential based on type, location, size and how it impacts or would be impacted by its surroundings
  • Assessing risk throughout design & planning, transport, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance & repair and end of service life
  • Review of regulations & the impact on Energy Storage Systems
Tomasz Rodziewicz
Tomasz Rodziewicz
Innovation & New Technologies Manger
TAURON, (Poland )

Value Stacking: How To Make Sure The Investment And Installation Is Flexible For Future Scenarios? (Utility)

  • How to define and forecast for future scenarios with the analysis of payback time
  • How to optimally stack the different value streams through accurate forecasting for different applications?
  • Developing a strategy to target multiple value streams when the price is unknown
Johannes Henkel
Johannes Henkel
Head of Energy Market Development
50 Hertz, (Germany)

Start of Forum Day Three

Eunice Ng, Conference Producer, DUFRESNE (SINGAPORE)

Forum Day Three Thursday 10 October 2019

Establishing Safety Standards In Order To Mitigate Fire Accidents In Battery Storage

  • Defining unit parameters to be tested, testing methods, planning, installation and safety
  • Which energy storage components must be taken into consideration?
  • Standardisation of interfaces between batteries and inverters and how this can reduce the cost of the whole system - how can this ensure safety?
James Frith
James Frith
Associate, Energy Storage

How To Achieve 50% Saving In Energy Cost By Using Blockchain And Battery Storage

  • Creating a microgrid supply network with blockchain technology for residential project
  • Building sustainable in-fill housing developments that improve grid economics
  • Economic model for co-ownership of energy storage assets
David Martin
David Martin
Co-founder & Managing Director

Evaluating And Assessing Lithium Air In $/Kwh Returned Over A Long Period, Life-cycle And Efficiency

  • Power quality and energy management
  • Discharge duration
  • Safety
Carlotta Francia
Carlotta Francia
Associate Professor

(PANEL SESSION) To What Extent Is Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Already Bankable Through Track Record Of Performance, ROI And Revenue Stacking?

  • Which projects have demonstrated payback in less than 10 years?
  • How investors are learning to trust the reliability and longevity of storage
  • Hybrid Systems Vs Value Stacking: What Is The Right Way Forward?
  • Rather than revenue stacking, can TSOs and DSOs consider providing 5-10 years contracts to encourage private players participation in storage deployment?
Carlotta Francia
Carlotta Francia
Associate Professor

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Michael Schrempp
Michael Schrempp
Head of Green Tech Solutions
MUNICH RE, (Germany)

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Christoph Neumann
Christoph Neumann
Senior Advisor – Market Development

Evaluating The Results Of Ukrenergo’s Energy Storage System (Utility)

  • Evaluating results from a single 200 MW unit, medium size units for transmission system needs and low-capacity units
  • Verifying the performance of the battery, inverter and the controller. What needs improving? What were the true costs?
  • Evaluating the ROI - What were the economics from the last 2 years and what will they be in 20 years, 10 years and 5 years and how do the economics influence the system design?
Natalia Slobodian
Natalia Slobodian
Head of Analytical Group
UKRENERGO, (Ukraine)

Analysing The Revenue Generated By Different Services In A Multi Stacking Scenario To Create A Profitable Business Model (IPP)

  • Determining the main, secondary services and the challenges encountered with multi stacking
  • Evaluating revenue sourcing models
  • Understanding the “movement” of stacking in these markets: voltage regulation, congestion management, frequency regulation, energy arbitrage

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How To Design And Optimise An Energy Storage System

  • Achieving best value for every kW/hr stored
  • How to operate a battery to get the highest benefit and obtain stable frequency
  • Minimising battery degradation due to change in applications and cycles
Bin Guo
Bin Guo
Director, Renewable Energy Business Development
BYD, (China)

Examining The Degradation Of A Battery To Ensure The Storage System Is Flexible For Future Business Models (Utility)

  • Understanding battery cell degradation and integrating it into business economical model
  • Implementing necessary procedures to ensure battery does not degrade faster than expected due to change in applications and duty cycles
  • What is the warranty for different operation mode over the lifetime of the battery?
John Raffety
John Raffety
Energy Innovation Specialist

Analysing The Project Results In ARETI (Utility)

  • Evaluating results from ARETI projects
  • Verifying the performance of the battery, inverter and the controller. What needs improving? What were the true costs?
  • Evaluating the ROI of the project

Which Synergistic Combinations Of Energy Storage Technologies Can Make An Attractive Product And Business Case?

  • Hybrid battery and hydrogen storage
  • Hybrid thermal and electrical storage
  • What is needed to develop and promote these hybrid products?
Raymond Decorvet
Raymond Decorvet
Senior Account Executive

Examining The Ancillary Service Market Market And Ensuring The Bankability Of Energy Storage Projects In Italy (Utility)

  • Examining the Italian Energy System with national targets and main impacts on Electricity System
  • Discussing the current state of Ancillary Service Market and the pilot projects
  • Flash reserves in Italy
Marco Pietrucci
Marco Pietrucci
Head of Energy Resources & Storage

Identifying And Solving The Risks Involved In Structuring Contracts By Pricing Operations & Maintenance In The Long Term (IPP)

  • How to structure an O&M contract to ensure there are no unknown costs?
  • Predicting and avoiding risks in the long term
  • Identifying and comparing O&M contracts with low guarantees and low cost with high guarantees and high cost

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Evaluating The Top Revenue Streams Available For Energy Storage In Different European Markets And Future Market Developments (Utility)

  • Examining the possible revenue stream in the energy markets
  • Evaluating the current market incentives and future market developments
  • TSO pilot projects on blockchain, grid booster and power-togas
Christoph Neumann
Christoph Neumann
Senior Advisor – Market Development

Start of Forum Day Two

Eunice Ng, Conference Producer, DUFRESNE (SINGAPORE)

Forum Day Two Wednesday 9 October 2019

(PANEL SESSION) How To Support Storage Regulations Across Europe In Order To Increase The Bankability of Energy Storage

  • What are the key parameters to unify regulations on energy storage across Europe?
  • How to structure markets to maximise the use of batteries and reward batteries for the quality and responsiveness of their service accordingly?
  • How to incentivise network companies to buy local flexibility services and enhance investment in storage all over Europe?
Michal Krepelka
Michal Krepelka
Project Manager - Energy Storage

Stabilizing The Grid With VPPs – Benefits Of Aggregation and The Role Of Storage

  • Technical Set-up of a VPP
  • Storage in VPPs: different use cases for batteries and power to gas — What needs improving? What were the true costs?
  • European harmonization of Balancing Services and its impacts on business cases for storage
Julian Kretz
Julian Kretz
Project Manager - Innovation & Development

Will second-life batteries be feasible in stationary storage applications compared to effective recycling?

  • Understanding the costs and challenges of using second-life batteries in stationary storage systems
  • What are the regulatory settings to make battery recycling a viable business?
  • Potential future constraints in the use of Li-ion batteries for stationary energy storage

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Examining Consumption Profiles And Best Solutions For Airports

  • Identifying and creating the true number of savings it is possible to achieve with Energy Storage and Advanced Analytics optimisation software
  • What kind of KPIs are being evaluated?
  • Suggestions to energy storage solutions providers
Ruggero Poli
Ruggero Poli
Head of Energy Systems & Energy Management

Evaluating The Results Of Enel Green Power Solar + Storage Project To Guarantee Security Of Supply To Wolisso Hospital in Ethiopia (Utility)

  • Analysing the technicality of installing and managing the solar plant and battery system in remote location
  • Examining the project results, which include improved power quality and reduction of grid congestions
  • Evaluating the bankability and the ROI with key results
Gianluca Gigliucci
Gianluca Gigliucci
Head of Energy Storage Innovation

How To Ensure That The EMS System Generates The Revenues Forecasted By The Financial Modelling

  • Understanding the key steps to optimise batteries with the use of EMS
  • Examining different EMS to manage different energy needs (wind, thermal, solar)
  • Examining different EMS to manage different energy needs (wind, thermal, solar)
  • How to align financial forecasting and EMS algorithms?
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Learning From South Korea On How To Deploy And Manage 1.1 GW Of Energy Storage (Utility)

  • Examining which government incentives, loans and funding worked best in the last 6 months
  • Evaluating the benefits of different technology for different markets
  • Understanding how safety challenges can be solved
Energy New Business Lab - Principal Researcher

Analysing The Results Of Energy Storage System, Inverter & Controller In EDF R&D (Utility)

  • Evaluating the key results from the projects in EDF
  • Verifying the performance of the battery, inverter and the controller. What needs improving? What were the true costs?
  • Evaluating the ROI with key results
Etienne Briere
Etienne Briere
EVP, Program on Storage, Renewable Energy & Environment

Examining The Grid Integration & Efficiency of 1 MW & 18 MW BESS To Achieve Optimum Business Model (Utility)

  • Evaluating 1 MW and 18 MW utility scale BESS from different integrators on footprint, efficiency, grid integration
  • How to stack the value streams and combine applications
  • Analysing the implications regarding cell aging of 1 MW BESS in operations since 2012

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Avoiding Grid Congestion Problems By Deciding Where To Place Grid Boosters (Utility)

  • Examining stakeholders and overcoming the challenges for collaboration when placing a booster
  • What installation procedures seem to give better ROI?
  • Experience from past and current RFPs evaluations
Christian Schorn
Christian Schorn
Director of Asset Management & Operations

Highlighting The Definition Of Energy Storage And The Response To The Latest Updates From The Electricity Market Design Directives (Recast 2019)

  • Definition of energy storage system and how energy storage system can support the grid
  • Analysing the potential of using battery energy storage moving forward
  • Evaluating the latest directives from the Electricity Market Design
Michal Krepelka
Michal Krepelka
Project Manager - Energy Storage

Welcome Address

Eunice Ng, Conference Producer, DUFRESNE (SINGAPORE)

Forum Day One Tuesday 8 October 2019

Pre-Forum Masterclass program

Monday 7th Oct 2019

08.30 Registration And Coffee; 09.00 Morning Session; 13.00 Lunch;14.30 Afternoon Session; 17.00 End Of Masterclass



Facilitator: Roberto Castiglioni, Managing Director & CEO, IKIGAI CAPITAL (UK)


Evaluating The Energy Storage Market In Europe

  • Which markets are driven by constraints or fundamental (i.e.congestion vs market services?)
  • Who are the real customers in each separate market?
  • Examining holistic energy solutions for Commercial & Industrial sector


Comparing The Following Business Models: Sales Vs Service Vs Lease

  • Which ones are closer to reality?
  • What is the impact of different customer classes on the business models?
  • What are there regulatory differences?


Mitigating Business Risks In Energy Storage Projects

  • How to make lenders collaborate with short term contracts in a high risk market
  • How to assess and quantify revenues over the long term, and quantify the uncertainty
  • What are the key steps we need to take in order to finance energy storage projects? What are the revenue streams and relative split?


How To Have A Clear And Dependable Revenue Stream For Assets To Encourage Debt And Equity Investors

  • Rather than revenue stacking, can TSOs and DSOs consider providing 5-10 years contracts to encourage private players participation in storage deployment?



Facilitator: Pierre Bernard, CEO & Chairman of the Board, FRIENDS OF SUSTAINABLE GRID (BRUSSELS)


Achieving Alignment Of Energy Storage Regulation Across Different National Regions Or Countries

  • Which regulatory bodies are important?
  • Which areas need market rules and what would be the most beneficial?
  • Who are the different stakeholders in each of the different regulatory areas?
  • How do you apply pay for performance to other services?
  • How to accelerate and harmonise regulations in all EU countries for frequency regulation business models using energy storage systems

Pierre Bernard, CEO & Chairman of the Board, FRIENDS OF SUSTAINABLE GRID (BRUSSELS)


Evaluating Ownership Of Energy Storage Systems by TSOs/DSOs

  • How can a project owner be numerated for all services not just frequency regulation?
  • Examining Regulation on defining Energy Storage Systems as a transmission resource
  • Evaluating the development of regulation and market design of new products for battery usage

Robert O’Rourke, Network Manager, CER (IRELAND)


Evolution Of Regulations Enabling To Capture All The Value From Storage Technology Through Multi- Stacking

  • Energy balancing/ markets
  • Ancillary services
  • Grid flexibility

Andreas Tirez, Director – Technical Operation, CREG (BELGIUM)


Devising An Approach To Enable And Incentivise DSO To Support The Development of Storage Facilities

  • Analysing ways to efficiently operate distribution network and avoid costly network expansions
  • Developing measures such as national network codes, market rules, network tariffs to allow flexibility or improvement of energy efficiency in the grid
  • Discuss the network development plans to support the development of storage facilities

Luca Lo Schiavo, Deputy Director – Infrastructure Regulatory Division, AEEG (ITALY)


Simplifying Regulation For Energy Storage: What Would An Ideal Regulation Environment Look Like?

  • Defining 3 key goals and timelines
  • Examining the key challenges and solutions
  • How to collaborate after the Forum

Post-Forum Masterclass

Friday 11th Oct 2019

08.30 Registration And Coffee; 09.00 Morning Session; 13.00 Lunch;14.30 Afternoon Session; 17.00 End Of Masterclass


Facilitator: Andre Susanto, Founder, PT INOVASI (INDONESIA)

This Masterclass on Microgrid provides an overview on Microgrids by evaluating the financial model to fund Microgrid projects, evaluating various technologies, Microgrids for Telecommunication Industry and deploying inverters to enhance grid stability.
Andre Susanto has vast experience on deploying Microgrids and energy efficiency projects with international NGOs, large Indonesian and international companies, as well as residential clients. His technical and business savvy has carried him and his previous company, Advancing Engineering, to be one of the three winners of World Bank’s Indonesia Green Entrepreneurship subprogram. Andre founded the Inovasi Group which provides clean energy consultancy and rural community development.


Identifying The Microgrid Services Most Economically Viable In The Short Term And Predicting How They Can Generate Revenue From 2019 – 2022

  • Rural
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Urban


Evaluating Financial Models For Microgrids That Are Sustainable And Dealing With Risk

  • Examining the current trends of financing Microgrid projects in the emerging markets
  • Promoting the development of new technologies and business models
  • How can we share the risk with new microgrid storage methods?


Evaluating Different Energy Storage Technologies For Microgrids

  • Ultracapacitors
  • Redox Flow
  • Li-ion
  • Lead Acid


Deploying Inverters With Optimum Filter Design And Harmonic Current/Voltage Suppression To Enhance Grid Stability

  • Designing inverters that rely on local information and decide whether it is under on-grid or off-grid mode
  • Maintaining good system dynamics and ensuring the optimum current output
  • Examining harmonics and nonlinear distortions in Microgrid loads and/ or upstream networks


Building Microgrids For The Mobile Telecoms Industry To Promote Decentralisation

  • Evaluating the role and examining the incentives of each stakeholder
  • To what extent could the Mobile Telecoms industry help to provide electricity?
  • Reducing the dependence on the resources of the electricity grid

Your Masterclass Leaders

Andreas Tirez

Director of the Technical Operation on Electricity & Gas Market
Belgian Federal Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (Belgian)

Andre Susanto

PT INOVASI (indonesia)

Pierre Bernard

CEO & Chairman of the Board

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