2017:Vanadium Flow Batteries 1/5 of Storage Market

A study conducted by Lux Research predicts that vanadium flow batteries could capture about 17 percent of the energy grid storage market by 2017, representing about $5.4 billion in potential revenue, assuming that developers can reach a target of $750 per kilowatt hour for a fully installed system by 2017.

The research study shows that the market price of vanadium will play a huge role in determining if the energy storage technology of employing vanadium flow batteries to store energy for power grids comes to fruition.

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The importance of South Africa as an energy storage market

Could South Africa be an important energy storage market in the making?

A change in president could signal a new era for energy storage in South Africa. New leader Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to restart a previously held back renewable energy programme and provide a more friendly environment to wary foreign investors. Previous leader Zuma was forced to resign under the mounting pressure of corruption allegations involving…

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