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Canadian University Recognizes Value In Smart Grid

The University of British Columbia will deploy its own smart grid energy storage system at $5.1 million in a partnership with Alpha Technologies Ltd and Corvus Energy.

When completed, the project will support three major facilities on campus with one megawatt hour of stored energy. The administration chose to incorporate smart grid technology so that smoothing peak demand can be more easily controlled.

The project is a major step for the university, which has aims to achieve a 100 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2007 levels by 2050.

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How to create a level playing field for storage systems

Definition of storage The general definition for storage is: Storage is the result of an action or method of storing or buffering something – and most importantly – for future use. There is a variety of Energy Storage (ES) systems. The majority of systems are so called power-in-power-out type of solutions. E.g. batteries fall into…

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lithium ion battery recycling

How Recycling Can Help Reduce Battery Costs And Foreign Dependence

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) earlier this year launched a program that aims to reclaim and recycle critical materials from lithium-based battery technology.   Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va., voiced concerns that the current trade war between the United States and China, as well as general instability of the bilateral relationship between both nations…

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