Sample Of Utility Speakers Focussing On Residential & Large Scale

There are more than 60 brand new topic titles that we have thoroughly researched for the Berlin 2017 Programme. The current programme features already over  30 Speakers from the Utilities, TSO and DSO sectors . We have now opened slots for potential new speakers (subject to approval). Download the FULL programme now to have all the details and to apply as a speaker.

Sample Of Utility Speakers Focussing On Residential


  • Ernesto Ciorra, Head Of Innovation And Sustainability | ENEL (Italy)
    Predicting the Killer Application For Residential Energy Storage And Winning Mass Penetration


  • Stefan Nykamp, Head Of Innovation Management – Grid Storage |WESTNETZ (Germany)
    Examining The Potential For Residential Customers To Host Energy Storage Operated By DSOs


  • Paulo Libano Monteiro, Director Of Technology And Innovation | EDP (Portugal)
    Providing Voltage Regulation To Utility Standards Of Reliability By Controlling Residential Customer Batteries


  • Heli Antila, Chief Technology Officer FORTUM (Finland)
    Quantifying The Performance Of Residential Energy Storage Systems And Their Impact And Benefits For Utilities


  • Alexis Steverlynck, Programme Leader – Corporate Distributed Energy |ENGIE (United Kingdom)
    Case Study: Evaluating Results From The Next Generation Energy Storage Pilot In Australia


  • Adrian Richardson, Head Of Microgeneration CENTRICA (United Kingdom)
    Evaluating The Results From 60 Households With Solar PV And Reducing Average Peak Household Grid Load


  • Ronald Bohte, Manager Energy Storage | ENECO (Netherlands)
    How Appealing Will It Be To Sell Energy Storage In The Same Way As Mobile Phones: Minimal Up-Front Payment And Bound To A Plan?


Sample Of Utility Speakers Focussing On Large Scale


  • Etienne Briere, Executive Vice President, Program On Storage, Renewable Energy & Environment EDF (France)
    Adopting Reference Energy Storage Cycling Profiles So That $/MWh Lifetime Throughput Is A Preferred Energy Storage Performance Measure


  • Eliano Russo, Vice President, Energy Storage – Batteries E.ON SE (Germany)
    How To Structure The Business Case For Energy Storage To Give Clarity To DSOs And TSOs Decision Makers


  • Aparna Narang, Director, Short-Term Electric Supply | PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY – PG&E (United States)
  • Evaluating The Top Revenue Streams Available For Energy Storage


  • Robin McCormick, Director Of Operations, Planning & Innovation, and General Manager | EIRGRID, SONI (Ireland)
    How Can System Operators And TSOs Obtain Ancillary Services From Distributed Energy Storage And Improve Grid Resilience


  • Rosario Polito, Head Of Innovation And Storage | TERNA (Italy)
    How To Replace Or Augment Transmission And Distribution Assets With Batteries To Better Manage Two-Way Network Flows


  • Adriana Laguna-Estopier, Low Carbon Technologies Manager, Project Leader Of SNS Project | UK POWER NETWORKS (United Kingdom)
    To What Extent Is Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Already Bankable Through Track Record Of Performance And ROI?


  • David Game, Head Of R&D, Energy Storage | RTE (France)
    Launching An Open Database Of Storage Users In Power Systems And Achieving Transparent Performance And Procurement


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