Providing Safe & Reliable BESS Solutions To Global Users; Narada Energy Network

Zhejiang Narada Energy Network Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Zhejiang Narada Power Source Co., Ltd, is a leading Energy Storage Solution provider with headquarter in Hangzhou, China. Narada Energy Network focuses on smart energy storage services with four core support platforms in terms of integration R&D, test simulation, intelligent O&M as well as global services.

With 15+ years of experience in energy storage field, Narada Energy Network has developed internationally advanced energy storage technology and competitive solutions. With 80+ product certifications out of strict safety tests, especially the UL 9540 and UL 9540A certification of LFP based BESS, Narada Energy Network has provided safe and reliable BESS solutions to global users. By the end of 2020, Narada Energy Network has accomplished more than 1.89GWh installation worldwide and delivered energy storage benefits to 37 countries.

As a leader in the field of energy storage, Narada Energy Network continues to provide products and services for the three application areas of the user side, grid side, and power generation side, creating five system solutions including 0.2C-5C, and a full-scenario energy storage technology platform. Narada ESS adopts a platform-based design and has the advantages of modular configuration, rapid deployment, and flexible expansion. At the same time, Narada simplifies the delivery process at the customer side, and has the advantages of standardized production, in-factory installation, and in-factory debugging.

The None-Walk-In BESS Container (HV, 3rd), and Walk-In BESS Container (LV, 2nd) provided by Narada Energy Network have the following features: platform-based design, covering energy, power and other usage scenarios.

The maximum installed capacity of 40-foot Non-Walk-In Container is 5.76MWh; The maximum installed capacity of 40-foot Walk-In Container is 3.84MWh; Complete safety certification, meeting UL9540/UL9540A/IEC/ATEX/NPFA855.

The Indoor Battery Rack with Air Blower solution provided by Narada Energy Network has the following features: Indoor application DC ESS design; Innovative station-type thermal management system; Temperature difference between battery racks is less than 3℃.

The modular and compact Outdoor Battery Cabinet solution provided by Narada Energy Network has the following features: Outdoor screen cabinet design, flexible combination; system pre-installed and shipped, rapid deployment; intelligent one-key debugging, plug and play.  

The eCloud smart energy storage cloud platform and visualized centralized control networking platform provided by Narada Energy Network have the following features: Unified remote centralized monitoring and intelligent analysis of the managed power stations. Utilize cloud computing technology, big data mining, etc., and cross-border integration with energy storage to realize all-round digital, refined, and profitable management, ensure the safe, efficient, and stable operation of the power station, and realize the intelligent O&M of the energy storage power station that is unattended (only a few people on duty).

In 2020, Narada Energy Network has seized the opportunity of global energy storage development, based on the existing first-mover advantages, thinking globally, focusing on expanding the power generation side and grid side lithium energy storage projects, and initially completed the strategic transformation. The energy storage business has realized the transformation from lead battery-based to lithium battery-based product structure. The business model has shifted from investment and operation to sales. The segmented areas of business coverage have also expanded from a single user side to multiple application scenarios. Market channels have gradually expanded. Narada Energy Network has also established energy storage service centers and subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and South Korea to further strengthen local services and improve operational efficiency and profitability.

In 2021, Narada Energy Network will take advantage of its 15 years of accumulated technology, market and Corporate Reputation in the energy storage field, and rely on overseas subsidiaries and service centers to further expand to markets such as Europe, North America, Australia, and South Korea. At the same time, Narada Energy Network will continue to strengthen energy storage technology accumulation, business layout, project development and management, and provide more customers with satisfactory products and services.

Contributed by: Narada Energy Network 

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