Microgrid Solution To The Macro Problem

The highly anticipated Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) latest report largely confirmed or reiterated previous observations and conclusions, hammering home two major takeaways in particular: a) climate change is happening, and b) we are causing it. The biggest culprit is greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, chiefly due to fossil fuel combustion, though deforestation has also been an important contributor.

A number of economic and policy hurdles still make microgrids a tough sell for most utilities and many companies. Even so, Navigant Research forecasts the global microgrid market to grow from under $10 billion this year to more than $40 billion annually in its average scenario. Meanwhile, a growing segment of campuses and communities are finding a way to make microgrids work for them, a topic we’ll explore in a forthcoming blog post. And with the latest IPCC report throwing even more fuel on the urgent fire that is global warming, microgrids become an even more attractive solution as a way to both mitigate and adapt. Climate change need not become a climate apocalypse, and microgrids can help us chart a path to a brighter energy future.

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