New Portable Energy Storage System Devised

A Japanese conglomerate recently disclosed that it will soon introduce its new energy storage system. The system is designed to regulate fluctuations identified with wind and solar power, as well as adapt to electric grid systems.

CrystEna is a storage system that uses a 1 Megawatt lithium-ion battery. According to product manufacturer Hitachi Ltd., it is quite portable but has potential for long-term use because of its extended battery life. Moreover, it is expected to enhance marketability of renewable energy.

The firm said that major markets for renewable energy located across North America as well as Europe will be the main demand drivers for these storage systems. In these regions, Europe in particular, renewable energy deals have been on the rise due to tax privileges like Feed-in and export tariffs.

Availability of wind and solar power depends much on weather factors. This scenario underscores the necessity for an efficient and reliable storage system – a niche where Hitachi would like to make a mark as a lead provider.
Next year, it expects to conduct product testing and evaluation of CrystEna and hopes to be ready for a market launch the following year.

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