If you sell solar installations to C&I customers 43 seconds could boost your revenue

That’s how long this takes to skim – and to see how you can help your customers benefit even more from their solar investment. Because when you choose a XOLTA intelligent solar battery . . .

You help your customers leverage every possible benefit of solar – and avoid energy risks.

The intelligent XOLTA BAT-79 monitors weather, energy use and the price of electricity. Then controls when it makes the most sense to store or use solar energy or to buy from the grid. So, users always get the best deal on electricity. Automatically. Plus, the BAT-79 lets you help customers manage energy risks. 

With increased electrification and interest in maximizing green technology, it’s a great opportunity for you to position yourself as an installer with the most beneficial, intelligent solutions.

You help your customers benefit from peak shaving, time-shifting and frequency support.

Peak shaving lets your customer avoid costly spikes in consumption (tariffs/demand charges) by drawing on stored energy. A XOLTA battery always shifts the use of solar cell energy so that it benefits the owner most. Your customers can also revenue stack by offering their battery as a balancing unit for the grid in markets that allow it.

You get a physically small, scalable solution. 

The physical footprint of each 79 kWh XOLTA battery is just 73 x 85 cm (including a built-in inverter). Select the size you need now and scale up later if required. No need to over-invest “just in case.” 

Haarup machine factory, for example, uses 12 intelligent XOLTA batteries connected to the cloud, their PV panels, factory power load, heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers. Haarup designs manufactures and supplies advanced mixing plants for the concrete industry.

You can meet your customer’s specific requirements.

Use the XOLTA BAT-79 as-is or involve our engineering service to match your specific power, control and capacity needs. We can also provide 3rd party access to the control of essential system parameters via the cloud. 

Your customers get an app that tells them everything they want to know.

The XOLTA web app gives them the full overview. Lets them explore the economics of their system. See detailed historical data. Monitor their installations. And more! Watch the video.

You can offer the option to place a battery outside or inside.

The robust outdoor BAT-79 lets you avoid the hassle of handling fire regulations and discussing them with your customers. Instead, your dialogue focuses on the benefits you’re delivering. (Including no expenses related to fire protection.) The outdoor BAT-79 also stands up to any type of weather or vandal. 

Both the indoor and outdoor models meet all CE safety standards, look great and are easy for technicians to install and access. 

Scores of XOLTA intelligent battery energy storage systems are at work in locations around the world.

You provide quality.

The XOLTA BAT-79 uses only top-tier components and is manufactured and fully tested in Denmark. The intelligent BMS is from our parent company, LiTHIUM BALANCE – a pioneer and global leader in battery management systems.

You get easy installation.

The battery is fully assembled and tested from the factory – just a few simple connections onsite, and you’re up and running. No need to buy (or find room for) a separate inverter or to connect the two and test the connection. 

You get a partner who’s agile.

The battery rack with HVAC, battery management system, a site controller and intelligent cloud solution all are created at XOLTA. Since we don’t have to involve any other suppliers, we always serve you quickly and capably. What’s more, XOLTA treats partners like partners. Ever need help? We’re there.

Extensive in-house expertise enables XOLTA to be more agile than most manufacturers. The battery rack with HVAC, LiBAL BMS and site controller are all created on-site.

You don’t have to be exclusive.

When you partner with XOLTA, you have the freedom to work with any solar cell battery supplier you want.

Times up! Just let us know if you’d like to hear more. Thanks for your time!


Scores of XOLTA intelligent battery energy storage systems are at work in locations around the world. Headquartered in Denmark, XOLTA offers C&I solutions ranging from 79 kWh up to roughly 2 MWh energy storage capacity. 

XOLTA is a division of LiTHIUM BALANCE, a pioneer and global leader in battery management systems. That’s why safety, performance and reliability are built into all XOLTA batteries. XOLTA’s owner, Sensata Technologies, is also one of the world’s leading suppliers of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions.

If you want to know more about this and other topics directly from end users of energy storage technologies join us at one of these annual events: The Energy Storage World Forum (Grid Scale Applications), or The Residential Energy Storage Forum, or one of our Training Courses.


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