Germany Considers Power To Gas For Hydrogen

Germany is using some 40 caves for natural gas storage at the moment. Together, they share a volume of 23.5 billion cubic metres and 400 000 kilometres gas grid.

Adding hydrogen to these caves, a concept called power-to-gas, could be yet another way to store renewable energy. The European Group on the Gas Research, or GREG, estimates that about 6-20% of the mix could consist of hydrogen.

Hydrogen from renewable sources is mainly produced by electrolysis, and could be used in CCGT (combined cycle gas turbines) or CHP (combined heat and power) via fuel cells, for example.

Germany is best positioned to take up such a lead, because of its large share of renewable energy in the total energy mix. Renewables account for 20% of all energy produced today, and is expected to rise to 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050.

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The Internet of Disposable Things (IoDT) With A Biobattery

Mostly every home has now this kind of utilities — wireless speakers, printers, smart watches, smart boards, pet feeders and many more. Of the most valuable thing about Internet of Things is that they have wireless sensors which are connected to the internet and can provide up to date information. For instance, a sensor could…

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What lessons can be learnt from the UK’s latest Capacity Auction?

What lessons can be learnt from the UK’s latest Capacity Auction?

This month’s UK capacity market auction left a bitter taste in the mouths of optimistic developers, with final prices low enough to discourage new developments in clean energy and energy storage. This year’s T-4 auction clearing price of GBP £8.40 per kW a year – just over 60% lower than that of last year’s auction….

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Carbon Proton Battery

Carbon Proton Battery Stores As Much Energy As Lithium Battery In Lab Tests

“Will anything match lithium-ion batteries for energy density?” is a frequently repeated question. It’s certainly not in the cards in the next few years. But the research coming out of Australia’s RIMT University in Melbourne says that one day, it’s possible – with a carbon proton battery. The research team have designed and built a…

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