Glenwood To Install Distributed Energy Storage Systems In NYC Buildings

Leading luxury rental property developer Glenwood has announced plans to deploy its first megawatt (MW) of distributed energy storage systems in some of their buildings in downtown Manhattan. Construction will begin in March 2015.

The energy storage systems will operate in time for the summer peak load season and support the the Indian Point Demand Management Program that Con Ed and NYSERDA are currently providing commercial customers.

Glenwood is no stranger to energy storage, having installed its first system in 2013 at their Barclay Tower property. That system is proving to be a success, delivering economic returns to the building beyond initial expectations.

This move by Glenwood marks the first example of a networked distributed energy storage portfolio in Manhattan that can manage individual building loads in real-time.

The state of New York is developing a new energy market that aims to bring utility regulation and management of the grid moving forward. This will encourage businesses to deploy energy storage technologies to align system/network peaks with building load reductions, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of the grid.

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