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Israeli Students Build Hydrogen Eco-Home

Students at the Ariel Academic Center were requested to create a compact, mobile ecological home, to be used in disaster-struck areas and provide its tenants with the full amenities, without using electricity.

The students ended up designing a unique ecological home, based on hydrogen, which was previously considered to be a dangerous and volatile gas. However, usage has been made possible recently thanks to the progress made in hydrogen storage technology.

This ecological structure took four months to build. It includes a kitchenette, a living room and a bedroom. Its uniqueness lies with its ability to independently produce energy, using no more that sunlight and a water source.

The design of the eco-homes as a temporary yet valid solution for disaster-struke areas included numerous other challenges, including the requirements of easy transportation and low costs.

While eco-structures are commonly believed to be over-priced, they managed to decrease costs to NIS 600 (roughly $150) per square meter, compared to traditional construction.

The students used a new eco-perception through which the structure can be dissembled and reused. They also used eco-friendly materials, including glass and recycled fabrics, which provide a thermo solution and eliminate the need to use air conditioning.

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