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North Sea Power To Gas Platform Established

Northern Europe has advanced natural gas infrastructure, but incorporating more renewable energy into the grid doesn’t necessarily mean that all that has to be thrown away.

A European consortium of 11 companies have come together under the initiative of DNV KEMA to form the North Sea Power to Gas Platform, where they can make use of the well-developed gas infrastructure to gradually feed renewable energy sources into the grid.

As the capacity of generation of PV energy nearly doubles from 35 gigawatts this year to 60 gigawatts in 2020, Power to Gas, or P2G, will become more important in storing excess renewable energy.

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How to pick the right energy storage technology

Dear Colleague, With so many different options of large-scale energy storage technologies to choose from, how do you pick the right one? On top of that, how do you decide on the most profitable business model to pair with the chosen tech? Due to the increasing concerns about global warming and other environmental impacts of…

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Will Australian research team crack the sodium-battery code?

A team of Australian researchers are aiming to crack commercial viability of sodium-ion batteries for stationary storage applications, despite the issues that have plagued the chemistry over time. The research taking place at the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, has received $2.7 million AUD (€1.73 million euro)  in funding from ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy…

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Why The Business Case For Energy Storage Depends on The Weather

According to Dr Björn Peters, a speaker at our upcoming energy storage forum, putting weather patterns as a main variable within a business case analysis will show where energy storage makes more sense, and in some cases a critical decision. For off-grid mining operations in hot climates, for example, there might be a better business case…

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