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Push For Smart Grid Projects In UK’s North West

Schneider Electric, a German engineering firm launched the project in support of the increasing growth and integration of renewable energy in North Western UK. The implementation of smart grids in the UK could be crucial in helping them meet the European objective of becoming a low carbon economy by 2050.

The new smart grid will manage energy efficiency by monitoring and providing an instant response to local power demands. This automated network will also be able to detect and resolve power outages, such as the redirection of electricity during outages to ensure that most households continue to receive power.

The project is part of a series of smart grid projects across the UK as more households are expected to have solar panels installed. It is estimated to take 3 years to implement, and will span 2.4 million households served by the utility Electricity North West.

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How to create a level playing field for storage systems

Definition of storage The general definition for storage is: Storage is the result of an action or method of storing or buffering something – and most importantly – for future use. There is a variety of Energy Storage (ES) systems. The majority of systems are so called power-in-power-out type of solutions. E.g. batteries fall into…

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Carbon Proton Battery

Carbon Proton Battery Stores As Much Energy As Lithium Battery In Lab Tests

“Will anything match lithium-ion batteries for energy density?” is a frequently repeated question. It’s certainly not in the cards in the next few years. But the research coming out of Australia’s RIMT University in Melbourne says that one day, it’s possible – with a carbon proton battery. The research team have designed and built a…

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Solar farm

How can Europe find its’ place within the solar-plus-storage-market?

  Will Europe succeed in developing Solar-Plus-Storage Market? It definitely will, and much will depend on subsidy-free solar projects.  As the global front-of-the-meter (FTM) solar-plus-storage market in 2018 showed fabulous results, 2019 promises to be hugely more successful.  Although many prosperous countries like the USA, South Korea and Australia already deployed more than 540 megawatts…

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