Fiamm Announces Move Towards Fully Ecological Energy Storage

The 6th Energy Storage World Forum held in Berlin this week was sponsored chiefly by Platinum Sponsor, FIAMM.

Berlin/Montecchio Maggiore, 25 April 2013 – Regenerative and renewable energy is meant to cover 20% of the total energy need in the EU, by 2020. Germany aims even higher: in 2030, renewable energy is planned to cater for 50% of the gross consumption. To achieve these goals a holistic technology approach is required which stores energy from sustainable and environmentally friendly resources in an equally ecological way. In a media briefing, Battery specialist FIAMM presented new international and European customer projects which use FIAMM storage solutions for renewable energy, reaching the highest level of environmental compatibility already today. FIAMM invited press and bloggers for this in-depth briefing session during the 6th Energy Storage World Forum in Berlin, a leading conference event for energy professionals.

As the market leader, FIAMM owns and uses the Sodium Nickel Chloride technology (SoNick) and offers batteries and storage solutions scalable for all sizes, ranging from residential to industrial applications. Also, the storage systems can the stored power intelligently into the respective grids. By this, FIAMM technology fulfils the holistic call for fully ecological energy usage. At the same time, the SoNick technology solves the recycling challenge, as all components are 100% recyclable.

In the media brief, Nicola Cosciani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), together with Sales and Marketing Manager Samuele Lupatini and Product Application Manager Jae Choi from the ESS division, provided a detailed view of the latest market research findings, as well as FIAMM’s roadmap and presented three FIAMM customer projects from the US, Italy and the Maldives.

Against the background of Germany as the world’s biggest solar market and Europe’s power consumer number one, Nicola Cosciani, CEO of FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions, explained: “FIAMM’s storage technologies mark a real breakthrough, especially for a country like Germany. The real key strategic factor is to be able to follow the new requirements by providing the matching solutions. Such new requirements are the different usages like coupling the energy storage with conventional power generation or residential applications. Both, residential and utility applications are booming markets for us – right now. So we will not focus just on one of these markets, but stay as flexible as possible and provide solutions for all uses for the benefit of our customers.”

About the FIAMM Group

The FIAMM Group, founded in 1942, produces and distributes accumulators for automobile ignitions and industrial use (UPS – uninterrupted power supply, energy storage) and acoustic signals. The group is now present in 60 countries with about 3,300 employees worldwide and about 1,200 in Italy. The 2012 turnover amounted to a value of approximately 540 million Euro. The main markets served are Italy (26%) and the rest of Europe (51%), where direct sales to some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers (BMW, Fiat-Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes, GM-Opel, PSA, Renault-Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Ferrari, Maserati) represent about 30% of the turnover.

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