Sony and Canadian utility to test new prototype Lithium-ion-phosphate batteries.

Sony and Hydro-Quebec, in a joint venture have started Esstalion Technologies. The new company has developed an energy storage prototype that is scheduled to be tested in the Canadian research institute, IREQ.

The energy storage system makes use of almost 600 lithium-ion IJ1001M battery modules from Sony. Each are 2.1 kWh modules with an olivine-type phosphate-lithium-ion chemistry, developed by Hydro-Quebec. The advantage of such batteries is their longevity, being able to last more than 10 years, which will give the company a competitive advantage over other lithium-ion batteries.

Esstalion is aiming for the grid-scale market. The battery will integrate renewable generated energy into the grid in order to regulate a constant energy supply and frequency.

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