UK Explores Hydrogen Storage

The sleepy town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, England, will see the launch of a Hydrogen Mini Grid System, which is a demonstration project intended to advance hydrogen technology and further the energy storage discussion. The facility will employ the use of a 225kW wind turbine to deliver power. Surplus electricity generated by the wind turbine will be fed into an electrolyser to produce hydrogen, which can then be stored and retrieved for later use to power homes and/ or vehicles (via a fuel cell) when the wind does not blow. The wind turbine is also connected to the transmission network to enable it to supply electricity to the grid.

ITM Power is tasked with running the site for 5 years, and its CEO, Dr. Graham Cooley  expressed joy at having been selected as the operator for the HGMS. He added that “we will be able to use the site as a retail hydrogen fuel station for the area and it will provide a repeatable blueprint for similar systems to be deployed around the world”.

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