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Narada Power’s main business is the development, manufacturing, sales and service of communication backup, motive power and renewable energy storage batteries and accessories as as well as their system integration. The leading products are highly reliable Lead Acid batteries of the VRLA type, Lithium-ion cells and batteries and related components and subsystems. Its 200+ R&D staff and the large and well-equipped R&D facility in Linan/Hangzhou secure this goal. Narada has local supported activities in Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, UK and the USA so to provide fast planning support and efficient and high quality deliveries of battery products to over 150 countries in the world.

Website: http://www.naradapower.com


EDSO for Smart Grids (EDSO) gathers leading European distribution system operators (DSOs) for electricity, cooperating to ensure the reliability of Europe’s electricity supply for consumers and enabling their active participation in our energy system. How? By shaping smarter grids for the future. EDSO is the key interface between Europe’s DSOs and the European institutions, promoting the development and large-scale testing of smart grid models and technologies in real-life situations, new market designs. http://www.edsoforsmartgrids.eu/

The IEC is the global organization that publishes International Standards and supports all forms of Conformity Assessment for the millions of devices that use or produce electricity or contain electronics. We bring together 170 countries that represent 98% of world population and 96% of energy generation. IEC work covers all the building blocks of information technology; printed electronics, components, switches, cables and wires. We make certain that devices and systems that are used in the home, office, medical facilities, manufacturing and public spaces work safely with each other, everywhere in the world.  

IEC work covers power generation, transmission, distribution, all renewable energy sources, energy storage, public and private transportation, components, the building blocks of information technology, the Smart Grid and Smart Cities. www.iec.ch

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is an industry research firm focused on helping energy professionals generate opportunities. With a team of experts spread across six continents, BNEF provides independent analysis and insight, enabling decision-makers to navigate change in an evolving energy economy.
IHS provides information, expertise and analysis to support the decision-making process of businesses and governments in key capital-intensive industries, such as aerospace, defense and security; automotive; chemical; energy; maritime and trade; and technology industries. IHS also provides expertise in economics, country risk, engineering and overall operational excellence.

The International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance IBESA is the first international network of excellence in the field of battery and energy storage that enables an international and practice-oriented transfer of knowledge.

Founded in 2013 IBESA is still well on track regarding emerging markets around the world and is now coming up with an updated concept to satisfy the actual requirements of our Partners. IBESA offers a worldwide network, contacts along the value chain of different business sectors, exclusive high-quality market research know-how as well as the complete marketing and public relation package – based on a long experience in business.

More information: http://ibesa.info

Today there is no shortage of information on power and energy. Yet in this age of information overload, most professionals still take the time to read their favourite daily newspaper. The Energy Industry Times is a newspaper-style tabloid dedicated to reporting on the industry’s key issues. At last, an easy way to follow the latest news and trends in power and energy – from a source you can trust.

GÜNDER, founded in 1991, was appointed to represent International Solar Energy Society – Turkey Section (ISES-TR). GÜNDER designs integrated works both to raise the awareness effectively in all parts of the society and to popularize making use of solar energy. It has a role in solar energy industry in a way to prevent unfair competition and to increase the quality in all processes from manufacture to application by also setting up the auto-control mechanisms for the healthy development of the industry. It puts these works into practice in coordination with all parties of our solar energy industry.

Green Journal keeps you up-to-date with the latest green energy news and conferences. We are a team of renewable energy enthusiasts who strive to provide the UK with the latest information on sustainability, as well as an in-depth portal for events from the green industry.

PV Europe is the English language website from photovoltaik the leading B2B magazine on solar power in the German speaking region. The target groups are solar installers, wholesalers, architects and engineers in the EU member states, Switzerland, Norway and Turkey. Germany, Austria and Switzerland are the market leaders in photovoltaic and self consumption technologies.

QE Quotidiano Energia is an editorial initiative specialized in the energy sector that responds to the growing demand for specialized information of businesses and professionals, reaching their readers through the most advanced information technologies declined according to the current criteria of usability and accessibility.
AltEnergyMag is an Online Trade Magazine full of News, Articles and Interviews covering the trends and breakthroughs in the Alternative Energy industry, with an emphasis on the state of the art and on the horizon technologies that have strong prospects of commercialization. Since 2002 our philosophy has been to create an outlet where the industry can collaborate and report on itself. We offer those of you who work or have a passion for the Alternative Energy to contribute articles, news and product information for your peers to read and discover..

The online daily magazine Rinnovabili.it has been informing Italian readers on environmental, economic and social sustainability, renewable sources, energy efficiency, mobility, green building and circular economy for more than a decade. Always accurate in providing quality news and verifying its sources, Rinnovabili.it is a leader today in delivering environmental information to an audience that’s increasingly conscious and sensitive to sustainability and technological innovation, and searching for new behaviours to reduce its own impact on the planet.

Staffetta Quotidiana da sempre si distingue per la sua indipendenza e la sua autorevolezza tanto da essere punto di riferimento indiscusso nel business dell’energia. Più di 10.000 notizie l’anno, un’informazione precisa e puntuale, commenti ed approfondimenti di esperti, un’attenta analisi dei dati. Quotidianamente variazioni dei mercati e dei prezzi, consumi, statistiche, leggi, decreti, documenti delle Autorità, gare ed eventi. Il numero del sabato di maggiore foliazione è in formato rivista.

EUROBAT is the association for the European manufacturers automotive, industrial and energy storage batteries. EUROBAT has more than 50 members from across Europe comprising more than 90% of the automotive and industrial battery industry in Europe. The members and staff work with all stakeholders, such as battery users, governmental organisations and media, to develop new battery solutions in areas of hybrid and electro-mobility as well as grid flexibility and renewable energy storage.

Visiongain publishes independent and insightful market reports produced by experienced analysts with a range of business-to-business reports focusing on energy storage technologies and other renewable related topics. These include a comprehensive analysis of the Lithium-Ion Battery Market Report 2019-2029, Grid-Scale Battery Storage Technologies Market Forecast 2019-2029 and Distributed Energy Generation Market 2019-2029 among others. Visiongain also provides a bespoke reports service providing exclusive custom research tailored specifically for your individual needs.

Find out more about the Energy Industry:https://www.visiongain.com/industries/energy/ and Renewable Energy: https://www.visiongain.com/industries/energy/energy-renewable-energy/ 

ANEV – National Wind Energy Association – is an Environmental Protection Association (according to the provisions of law N. 349/8 July 1986) established July 2002 which brings together more than 90 companies operating in the field of wind power and over 5,000 individuals, including electricity producers and operators together with plant engineers, designers, power traders and developers operating in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Association.

ENF is a fast-growing renewable energy information company which has the world’s most popular website for information about companies in the photovoltaic industry. We have two value-added core activities: industry directory – providing a PV company database with more than 52,200 PV companies; product directory – providing a PV product database with more than 76,100 PV products, including solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, cells, EVA and backsheet. All these make ENF a true PV industry resource, with each service expanding in as many as 9 languages


Solar News is the magazine specialized in Solar Energy, consolidated as a reference between the professionals. The printed version is complemented with the ” immediacy ” of the web and the with the ” most relevant information” through newsletters directed to audience. 

The Energy Storage Journal (business and market strategies for energy storage and smart grid technologies) is a quarterly B2B publication that covers global news, trends and developments in energy storage and smart grid markets. Worldwide growth in renewable energy generation capacity, electricity-powered transportation and fast growing cities in developing economies will drive exponential growth in energy storage and smart grid technologies, products and applications in the coming years. ESJ is a key source of information to enable your business or organisation to keep track of these dynamic industries and the multitude of new opportunities they present.

ANIE Federation has being representing the Italian Electrical and Electronics industry within Confindustria since 1945. With over 1,400 member companies ANIE brings together strategic players from the industry in Italy, characterised by high levels of research and innovation that contribute to the Country’s growth and success in international markets. Through intense lobbying of national and EU institutions, ANIE and its Associations seek to encourage and strengthen entrepreneurial values, promoting the capacity for their development in pursuit of the general interest of the Country. The Federation cooperates with prestigious Italian and International technical bodies and plays a significant role with them.

Eurelectric represents the interests of 34 European national electricity associations and a pool of leading electricity industry businesses. We are committed to expand clean power generation and develop transition-enabling solutions, to reduce emissions and actively pursue efforts to become carbon-neutral well before mid-century. 

EUREC is the voice of renewable energy research in Europe, representing European Research Centres active in renewable energy. The purpose of EUREC is to promote and support the development of innovative technologies and human resources to enable a prompt transition to a sustainable energy system. Our members are prominent research and development (R&D) groups spread across Europe, operating in all renewable energy technologies. EUREC’s mission is based in identifying research needs and enable R&D for innovative and integrated renewable energy solutions, promote sound policy making in renewable energy R&D, enable innovation and technology transfer by connecting research and industry through project development, promote the development of a highly qualified and trained workforce for the renewable energy sector and support international R&D cooperation.

ESTELA, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, is an industry association created in 2007 to support the emerging European solar thermal electricity (STE), also known as concentrated solar power (CSP), industry for the generation of green power in Europe and abroad, mainly in the Mediterranean region and worldwide. The solar thermal electricity industry is a world-wide industry. ESTELA involves and is open to all main actors in Europe and MENA: promoters, developers, manufactures, utilities, engineering and consulting companies, and research institutions. ESTELA also closely collaborates with EU and international institutions in the fields of sustainable energy, climate change, environment, and research & innovations.

Regen is a not-for-profit centre of energy expertise and market insight whose mission is to transform the world’s energy systems for a zero carbon future. Regenoffers independent expert advice and market insight on all aspects of sustainable energy delivery. We use our technical expertise, industry research and policy knowledge to support a range of public and private sector organisations to make the most of their clean energy opportunities. Our strategy is to accelerate the transition to a decarbonised, decentralised and democratic energy system by working in three ways: Pioneers – We get cutting edge projects off the ground and share the learning to inspire and enable others to follow; Experts – We understand the technology, finance and public policies needed to make sustainable energy work. By working out what’s wrong and how to put in right we can tackle the barriers preventing progress; Convenors – We bring the right people together to come up with ideas to achieve change that they can’t do alone.

Green In Future is a leading digital media company headquartered in Singapore. Green In Future works towards contributing to the Global Green community for attaining a sustainable future and by being the link between the technology and the end-user. Facilitating, imparting and empowering, in other words, The 3A`s (Awareness, Attitude, and Adoption ) is our motto!

Batteries International is the market-leading magazine serving the battery and energy storage business. For over 30 years it has maintained its position as the definitive and authoritative source of up-to-date information, comment and in-depth analysis for the changing role of electrical power within the automotive industry.

Website: http://www.batteriesinternational.com/

Part of Cambridge EnerTech, Battery Power provides the latest technology trends and market updates impacting batteries and battery-powered devices for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, telecommunications, medical, and military and space applications. Discover how power management, safety standards, monitoring systems, and R&D are shaping the energy storage industry. BatteryPowerOnline.com, the Battery Power eNewsletter, and a variety of industry leading conferences provide exclusive content and insight into a world that is “always on”.

EnergyTrend was established in 2010 as TrendForce’s green energy unit. Areas of its research coverage include photovoltaics, lithium batteries, fuel cells, electric vehicles, and energy storage. Regarding the energy storage market, EnergyTrend tracks the developments of different applications for front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter systems. Its research here is divided into four sections: market analyses of individual key components (e.g., batteries, inverter, and power management systems), assessment of energy policies in different regions of the world, case studies of technology deployment, and market scenario projections. The data and information provided by EnergyTrend can give clients a clear understanding of the value created by the use of energy storage technologies in a smart grid.

Website: www.energytrend.com

EREF is the federation of national renewable energy associations from all EU Member States, representing all renewable energy technologies. For 20 years, EREF has been the only association to holistically represent all renewables in negotiations on EU energy policy and continues to promote the interests of independent renewable power, fuel and heat production by striving to create, maintain and develop a stable and reliable framework for renewable energy producers. The association strongly advocates for a full decarbonisation of the European energy system through a transformation of the system to one based on decentralised production from renewable sources. EREF keeps renewables stakeholders informed and involved by monitoring energy law, policy and market developments and flagging unfair advantages given to the incumbent industries by open and hidden, legal and illegal subsidies.

Smart Energy International is the global leader in delivering smart utility news and analysis to industry leaders, reaching those at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution. SEI is the official publication of the Clarion Power & Energy Series events, with a partnership continuing from the first editions of the world-wide Utility Week events more than 20 years ago. Via daily news updates on smart-energy.com, newsletters and analysis in 5 print editions per year, the publication covers a wide range of topics including AMI and smart meters, smart grids, smart energy, IOT, data analytics, billing and customer services and many more. SEI offers multiple routes to market – including webinars and videos – with a database of key decision makers from across the global smart energy industry.

Wood Mackenzie is a global energy and natural resources market intelligence and consultancy group. Its Power & Renewables division is made up of 115 solar, energy storage, wind energy, power market and grid edge experts across 15 countries. Wood Mackenzie’s team is on the ground in local markets, providing in-depth coverage across the entire global energy value chain. Clients can access Wood Mackenzie’s research, data and advice through annual subscriptions and one-off engagements.

We are a globally active transaction advisory and strategy consulting firm dedicated to the cleantech industry. Established in 2008, we serve our clients as their independent advisor to help them succeed in the fields of solar & wind, water, waste, energy storage, green mobility and digital energy. We offer a wide range of growth-oriented services to investors and companies both public and private, including mergers and acquisition, fund raising, project finance, strategy development, business model design and technology roadmaps.

We have assembled an enviable team of experts with impressive industry experience in top management, consulting and finance roles. We work with a broad variety of companies from high-tech startups and project developers to financial investors and multi-billion US dollar conglomerates. We are headquartered in Berlin with representatives in key established and emerging renewable energy markets around the world.

Website: https://www.apricum-group.com/

On November 19, 1997, the world’s largest photovoltaic roof-top system was put into operation at the Munich trade fair. With a peak output of 1,016 kilowatts, the solar roof at Messe München feeds around 1 million kilowatt hours into the power grid every year. The plant was operated by Stadtwerke München until December 31, 2016 for Solardach München-Riem GmbH (SMRG). Messe München GmbH has owned the PV system since January 1, 2017. The electricity revenue from the plant, minus the operating and other plant costs, largely flowed to the Solar Energy Promotion Association Bavaria until December 31, 2016, to which Bayernwerk and Siemens’ ownership of the plant was transferred. With the proceeds, the Bavarian Solar Energy Promotion Association makes a contribution to the further development and market launch of renewable energies. The Bavarian Solar Energy Promotion Association focuses on supporting the use of solar energy.

The Solarenergieförderverein Bayern wants…

  • to contribute to the market launch of renewable energies through specialist articles and projects
  • to fund selected innovative projects
  • to support the topic of renewable energies in education
  • to stimulate the wider use of renewable energies
  • to inform the public about the opportunities and opportunities of renewable energies
  • Address people interested in the topic through brochures and projects
  • Answer questions from the public

Website: https://www.sev-bayern.de/

In October 2017, Scottish Enterprise (SE) and Highlands & Islands Enterprise (HIE) launched a major new 3-year funding programme to assist Scottish-based  organisations that offer energy products, systems and services that are suitable for application in islands and remote communities (remote means off-grid, but may be on the mainland) to export to international markets. Sustainable Islands International programme has three elements: Build collaboration between companies working on cross sector energy systems; Support prospecting and supply chain development; Brokerage for accessing international market opportunities.

Website: https://www.siiscotland.com/

The Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA) is a non-profit organization representing the Malaysian solar industry. MPIA is dedicated to the promotion of solar energy and consists of members from the local solar supply chain, including manufacturers, service providers, system integrators, consultants, insurance providers, training providers and academicians. MPIA bridges communication among the stakeholders and has been working with the government to ensure the efficient, ethical and professional growth of solar industry.

Website: https://mpia.org.my

Asian Manufacturers Journal (AMJ) is an online trade magazine that reports mainly the products made by Asian countries.

There are a total of 25 product categories. It is a direct and simple way for the worldwide buyers and importers to search for their required products.

It also helps the Asian manufacturers and suppliers to display their products clearly in a systematic way so as to develop their export business.

More information: www.asianmfrs.com

EcoGeneration is Australia’s leading clean energy and energy efficiency industry magazine and has promoted its achievements and advanced discussion and debate for more than 15 years. EcoGeneration covers the people, companies, projects, technologies, events and policy developments that are driving the transition to renewables. A weekly email newsletter keeps readers up to date between editions of the bimonthly magazine, while the EcoGeneration website provides an information portal for the industry. A significant number of solar installers and PV system designers also receive EcoGeneration’s fortnightly Solar Installer email newsletter.

More information  https://www.ecogeneration.com.au/

The Australian PV Institute is a not-for-profit, member based organisation which focuses on data analysis and collaborative research, both nationally and internationally. Our objective is to: support the increased development and use of PV via research, analysis and information. In addition to Australian activities, we provide the structure through which Australia participates in two International Energy Agency (IEA) programs – PVPS (Photovoltaic Power Systems), made up of a number of activities concerning various aspects of PV, and SHC (Solar Heating and Cooling), concerned with new solar thermal products and services.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/APVInstitute
Website: http://http://apvi.org.au/

China Industrial Association of Power Sources (CIAPS) was founded in December 1989, is the first grade professional battery association in China. It has more than 500 members and has 10 branches. CIAPS has held the 13 th China International Battery Fair-CIBF2018 (110,000 km²) with 1253 exhibitors, 5500 + booths, 60,000+ visitors & 1600+ participants. The exhibition area of
CIBF2018 was 33.33% more than CIBF2016, the number of booths increased 37.5%, and the number of exhibitors increased 10.40%, The visitors increased 33.75% than CIBF2016. CIAPS will hold CIBF2021 in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (110,000 km² ) on March 19-21, 2021.

Website: http://en.cibf.org.cn

Today there is no shortage of information on issues related to energy – magazines, newsletters, national newspapers, email newsletters, dedicated internet sites – the list goes on. Yet in this age of information overload, most professionals still take the time to read their favourite daily newspaper. The Energy Industry Times is a monthly newspaper dedicated to providing forward-looking reporting on the key issues driving this exciting sector. At last, an easy way to keep abreast of the latest news in the power and energy sectors – from a source you can trust.

Website: https://teitimes.com/

We, at Green In Future, are ready to contribute to the journey of the global community towards attaining a sustainable future by being the link between the technology and the end-user. Facilitating, imparting and empowering, in other words, The 3A`s (Awareness, Attitude and Adoption ) – our motto!

Website: https://greeninfuture.com/

RECHARGE is the European industry association for advanced rechargeable and lithium batteries. Founded in 1998, it is our mission to promote advanced rechargeable batteries as a key technology that will contribute to a more empowered, sustainable and circular economy. RECHARGE’s unique membership covers all aspects of the advanced rechargeable battery value chain in Europe: From suppliers of primary and secondary raw materials, to battery, equipment and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to logistic partners and battery recyclers.

Website: www.rechargebatteries.org

EUROBAT is the association for the European manufacturers of automotive, industrial and energy storage batteries. EUROBAT has more than 50 members from across the continent comprising more than 90% of the automotive and industrial battery industry in Europe. The members and staff work with all stakeholders, such as battery users, governmental organizations and media, to develop new battery solutions in areas of hybrid and electro-mobility as well as grid flexibility and renewable energy storage.

Website: https://www.eurobat.org/

Energy Newspapers is an energy professional media in Korea delivering to readers every Monday. We provide up-to-date gas and energy specialized information to the reader. Under the slogan of “right information and honest media”, we are the leading energy-oriented professional newspaper in Korea supplying the top energy news. Currently over 30,000 subscribers including government agencies, energy and resource-related public corporations, associations, energy companies and logistics companies (including shipbuilding and shipping companies) receive our service. Our daily E-mail newsletters service is constantly updated to bring you energy policy and the key issues that occur every day. Also our website (www.energy-news.co.kr) offers fast and accurate information.


Website: http://www.energy-news.co.kr/

Clean Energy Pipeline is the leading independent source of news, data and analytics for the renewables finance industry.

Subscribers receive access to a real-time data platform covering clean energy finance transactions across every global market, including Project Finance, M&A, Public Markets, Green Bonds and Venture Capital & Private Equity.

Website: https://cleanenergypipeline.com/

This blog is a project by Sven Geitmann, founder and owner of publishing house Hydrogeit Verlag. Both the H2-international Blog and the H2-international e-journal contain articles which are also published in the German magazine HZwei, hence the focus is on German H2- & FC-activities but there are also many texts about the worldwide fuel cell activities.


Website: http://www.h2-international.com/


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