Energy Storage World Forum Courses

18 May 2021 - Berlin
Pre-Forum Masterclasses
18 May 2021 – Berlin
08.30 Registration & Coffee
09.00 Morning Session
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Afternoon Session
18.00 End of Masterclass
Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Revenue Stacking
Tuesday 18 May 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM
Achieving A Cost-effective Residential Energy Storage Installation Process
Tuesday 18 May 14.30 PM - 18.00 PM

SESSION 1 Evaluating The Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Market In Europe

  • Which markets are driven by constraints (i.e.congestion vs market services?)
  • Who are the real customers in each separate market?
  • Examining holistic energy solutions for Commercial & Industrial sector
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Managing Director & CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 2 Comparing The Following Business Models: Sales Vs Service Vs Lease

  • Which ones are closer to reality?
  • What is the impact of different customer classes on the business models?
  • What are the regulatory differences?
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Managing Director & CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 3 Mitigating Business Risks In Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Projects

  • How to make lenders collaborate with short term contracts in a high risk market
  • How to assess and quantify revenues over the long term, and quantify the uncertainty
  • What are the key steps we need to take in order to finance energy storage projects? What are the revenue streams and relative split?
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Managing Director & CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 4 How To Have A Clear And Dependable Revenue Stream For Assets To Encourage Debt And Equity Investors

  • Rather than revenue stacking, can TSOs and DSOs consider providing 5-10 years contracts to encourage private players participation in storage deployment?
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Managing Director & CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 2 Eliminating The Most Common Interconnection Problems By Simplifying The Technicality Of The Installation Process

  • Ensuring all critical component in the battery system has been approved for interconnection by the industry
  • Integrating a complete system of battery, inverter, communications software, meters and other energy assets
  • What can be done to simplify the wiring of assets?

SESSION 3 Discovering The Three Key Essential Methods That Will Optimise The Installation Process And Cut Down On Installation Cost

  • Reducing the package price of battery, storage box, inverter, cable and other parts
  • Budgeting for additional support and maintenance cost when upgrades or modifications are required
  • What are the ways to cut down on labour cost and hardware cost?

SESSION 4 Evaluating Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

  • Discovering the most efficient method to connect the battery to a customisable cloud-based software
  • Which Home Energy Management System (HEMS) connects easily with current industry batteries, and why?
  • Examining the new upgrades and features that might hinder installation process

SESSION 5 Highlighting Safety & Standards Procedures To Ensure A Safe And Quick Installation Process

  • Highlighting safety hazards during the installation process
  • Developing clear standards on battery warranty including the replacement of battery and labour should the battery fail
  • What are the best practices to follow to create a universal installation method in the industry?

SESSION 6 Scaling Up Battery Installation For The Commercial & Industrial Sector

  • Addressing the challenge of installation of storage due to space constraint
  • How to scale up production of residential batteries without increasing the production cost of the systems?
  • Optimising the installation process to ensure batteries are able to connect to data analytics software or energy management systems in future


“Probably the most interactive and well organized storage event on the calendar.”


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“Well-designed, organized, friendly staff– and various international contacts we hope to do business with soon.”


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“High scientific content, well targeted, perfect organization.”


Expert Technical & Governance, Elia

Excellent networking event. The sponsorship was well worth it.”


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