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6th Residential Energy Storage Courses

30 March 2020 - Munich


Pre-Forum Masterclasses
Monday 30 March 2020
08.30 Registration & Coffee
09.00 Morning Session
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Afternoon Session
18.00 End of Masterclass
Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Revenue Stacking
Monday 30 March 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM
Achieving A Cost-effective Residential Energy Storage Installation Process
Monday 30 March 14.30 PM - 18.00 PM

SESSION 1 Evaluating The Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Market In Europe

  • Which markets are driven by constraints (i.e.congestion vs market services?)
  • Who are the real customers in each separate market?
  • Examining holistic energy solutions for Commercial & Industrial sector
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Co-founder and CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 2 Comparing The Following Business Models: Sales Vs Service Vs Lease

  • Which ones are closer to reality?
  • What is the impact of different customer classes on the business models?
  • What are the regulatory differences?
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Co-founder and CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 3 Mitigating Business Risks In Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage Projects

  • How to make lenders collaborate with short term contracts in a high risk market
  • How to assess and quantify revenues over the long term, and quantify the uncertainty
  • What are the key steps we need to take in order to finance energy storage projects? What are the revenue streams and relative split?
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Co-founder and CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 4 How To Have A Clear And Dependable Revenue Stream For Assets To Encourage Debt And Equity Investors

  • Rather than revenue stacking, can TSOs and DSOs consider providing 5-10 years contracts to encourage private players participation in storage deployment?
Roberto Castiglioni
Roberto Castiglioni
Co-founder and CEO
Ikigai Group, (United Kingdom)

SESSION 1 Analysing Successful Global Regulatory Policies For Mass Installation Of Residential Storage

  • Discovering the key government initiatives to promote mass solar + storage installation
  • What are the missing permits that might hinder the installation process?
  • Examining the standards imposed to ensure a safe installation process
Luigi Mazzocchi
Luigi Mazzocchi
Director Department Generation Systems
RSE, (Italy)

SESSION 2 Eliminating The Most Common Interconnection Problems By Simplifying The Technicality Of The Installation Process

  • Ensuring all critical component in the battery system has been approved for interconnection by the industry
  • Integrating a complete system of battery, inverter, communications software, meters and other energy assets
  • What can be done to simplify the wiring of assets?

SESSION 3 Discovering The Three Key Essential Methods That Will Optimise The Installation Process And Cut Down On Installation Cost

  • Reducing the package price of battery, storage box, inverter, cable and other parts
  • Budgeting for additional support and maintenance cost when upgrades or modifications are required
  • What are the ways to cut down on labour cost and hardware cost?

SESSION 4 Evaluating Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

  • Discovering the most efficient method to connect the battery to a customisable cloud-based software
  • Which Home Energy Management System (HEMS) connects easily with current industry batteries, and why?
  • Examining the new upgrades and features that might hinder installation process

SESSION 5 Highlighting Safety & Standards Procedures To Ensure A Safe And Quick Installation Process

  • Highlighting safety hazards during the installation process
  • Developing clear standards on battery warranty including the replacement of battery and labour should the battery fail
  • What are the best practices to follow to create a universal installation method in the industry?

SESSION 6 Scaling Up Battery Installation For The Commercial & Industrial Sector

  • Addressing the challenge of installation of storage due to space constraint
  • How to scale up production of residential batteries without increasing the production cost of the systems?
  • Optimising the installation process to ensure batteries are able to connect to data analytics software or energy management systems in future