Welcome and introduction by masterclass leader

22 Aug 2023

Welcome and introduction by masterclass leader

Welcome and introduction by masterclass leader

Session One: Introduction to energy storage technologies
  • Identifying the different forms of energy storage and their stages of development:
    • Batteries
    • Thermal
    • Flywheels
    • Pumped hydro power
    • Gravitational
    • Liquid air
    • Hydrogen
  • Understanding where the market is going:
    • Which technologies are needed for which applications?
    • How do the different technologies compare in terms of scale and duration?
  • To what extent do these technologies compete or are they complementary?
  • Group Exercise : how to quantify the relative costs of the different technologies to determine which energy technology is the right one for you

Learning outcome: To get an understanding of developments in energy storage technologies and where the market is going

Session Two: The different battery chemistries and their applications
  • What are the major battery chemistries and their characteristics? Lithium-ion (Li-ion) vs NMC vs lead acid
  • To what extent are Li-ion batteries now the battery of choice for energy storage? What are their advantages and disadvantages? How will the increase in the lithium price affect the adoption of Li-ion batteries?
  • Examining developments in emerging battery chemistries – redox flow, sodium ion, solid state, etc. – are these serious competitors to the more established batteries?
  • Group Exercise : how to identify which applications the different battery chemistries are best suited for

Learning outcome: to understand the different battery chemistries and their applications

If you want to know more about this and other topics directly from end users of energy storage technologies join us at one of these annual events: The Energy Storage World Forum (Grid Scale Applications), or The Residential Energy Storage Forum, or one of our Training Courses.

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