Domenico Cimmino

Domenico Cimmino



Domenico Cimmino has a degree in Computer Science and actively operates in the field of technological innovation in the IoT field applied to the energy sector. He is the founder and the project leader for Evolvere of “Eugenio”: an IoT gateway and a Cloud Infrastructure with Blockchain applied to manage energy transactions. As R&D and Innovation Technology Manager, I constantly analyze the evolution of scientific research and energy market trends in order to experiment and implement solutions and services with a high innovative content.

Since 2013 I carry out research, development, prototyping and industrialization activities in the IoT for embedded systems, mostly based on wireless communications (Z-Wave, Zigbee, Radio sub 1 Ghz, WiFi, BLE) and applied above all to Energy Management with specific application to Demand Response and aggregation services, Big Data aggregation / analysis, Smart metering. I have acquired significant and concrete experiences in the field of innovative technologies such as: Blockchain and Smart Contracts, Machine / Deep Learning. Constantly feeding the relationship network with academic institutions to ensure a constant relationship with the most innovative research in the areas of greatest professional interest.

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