Natalia Slobodian

Head of Analytical Group

Natalia Slobodian

Head of Analytical Group


Dr Natalie Slobodian is a Head of Analytical Group of SE PNC Ukrenergo, Ukrainian transmission operator. She is responsible of the providing key input and insight into the analysis of strategic opportunities and challenges of Company.
Previously Dr Slobodian has cooperated with the Polish Think Tanks including Pulaski Foundation and the National Centre for Strategic Studies. Additionally, she was awarded a scholarship by the Skubiszewski Foundation (“Energy Diplomacy: Action Plan”)
Dr Slobodian previously worked as a member of the Energy Department at the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is also a former member of the Public Council at the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.
Dr. Slobodian served as team leader of the research project “Single gas market and energy security in the Visegrad states: models, challenges and perspectives,” “Analysis of the quality of reforms and their cross-sectoral impact in Ukraine,” “Energy diplomacy as an instrument of energy security,” “Hard and soft power of the Russian energy policy,” and “Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU”.
Dr Slobodian is a Habilitated Doctor of Human Sciences and has co-authored a number of books, including “The United States of America and the Russian Federation in the Persian Gulf: Allies or Competitors”, “Russia’s Energy Policy as an Instrument of Influence in Europe”, “How Can Ukraine Attain Energy Independence in two years?”, and “Mapping the route for EaP countries and the EU cooperation within the Energy Union”.

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